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Top customization tips every AutoCAD user should knowTop Customization Tips Every AutoCAD User Should Know

Work smarter!

Buy this 60+ page e-book to learn ways to be more productive and become a master at customizing AutoCAD!

5 chapters with step-by-step instructions and screenshots so that you can easily follow along.

AutoCAD Block Best PracticesAutoCAD Block Best Practices

By Edwin Prakoso

2nd edition! Learn all about blocks in this thorough 121-page e-book, including the basics, dynamic blocks, attributes, annotative blocks, extracting data, and more! Includes drawings for numerous exercises. Only $14.95

Top 25 Productivty Tips Every AutoCAD User Should KnowTop 25 Productivity Tips Every AutoCAD User Should Know: Draw and Edit Faster

This 50+ page e-book will make your drawing and editing go more smoothly and quickly. Learn from AutoCAD expert Ellen Finkelstein, with the help of submitted tips from many others around the world.


AutoCAD 2011

AutoCAD 2015

Get AutoCAD 2015 with updated user interface, easier block insertion, lasso selection, command preview, a major geographic location upgrade, and more!

AutoCAD 2015 BibleAutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015 Bible

The perfect reference for all AutoCAD users

AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015 Bible is the book you want to have close at hand to answer those day-to-day questions about this industry-leading software.

Clear, easy-to-understand instruction and hands-on tutorials that allow even total beginners to create a design on their very first day. Although simple and fundamental enough to be used by those new to CAD, the book is so comprehensive that even Autodesk power users will want to keep a copy on their desks.

You'll be glad to know that almost all the content that was on the companion website in the previous edition is now back in the book!

AutoCAD LT 2013AutoCAD LT 2015

AutoCAD LT 2015 is ideal for 2D design. You'll have a choice of new and upgrade options.

AutoCAD 2013 BibleAutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013 Bible

New cover and companion website! The book is slimmer but all the incredibly comprehensive coverage is still there. What isn't in the printed book is available on the companion website.

The new features are fully covered as usual along with the old and you won't find a more complete book anywhere. It's a reference and a tutorial, all rolled into one!

For years this book has been the top 1 or 2 bestselling AutoCAD book on and Many people buy the new edition each year when they upgrade, because they don't want to be without it.

"I own four AutoCAD LT books and this one is by far the most useful." -Janice Owens

"Your books are complete in subject scope and easy to understand." - Ravello M, Hayward, CA

"Your book is head and shoulders above the two others I’ve used." - James Aldrich


AutoCAD 2012 BibleAutoCAD 2012 & AutoCAD LT 2012 Bible

Same great, comprehensive coverage, but updated with new array features, more metric exercises, better snap mode, nudge, viewport control options, easier grouping, fillet & chamfer preview, direct manipulation of the UCS icon (you can drag it!), and more! This book is the #1 bestselling AutoCAD 2012 book on and!

"When I turned 50 I decided to try something new, so I picked up an operators certificate in AutoCAD, and your book was soooo valuable to me. I am the kind of person who really benefits by having more than one explanation on any given topic, and your book was more accurate,  much more readable, and much more easily indexed than my class texts. I wish that you were able to see the number of people who, after using your books, think, Mystery Solved." - Judy Mahaffy