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"Congratulations on writing the best AutoCAD reference/ manual that I've ever seen. I've been an AutoCAD user since R10 and I've seen and used many, many books on ACAD. Yours is an exceptional work...thank you for providing such a complete resource."
- Mike Cauley

"I want to thank you for the AutoCAD Bible. I am a worshipper...in the space of a few months I've reached a level of proficiency with AutoCAD that I wasn't expecting to achieve so quickly...Your book lays it out very intelligently and the CD-ROM provides the hands-on experience that is necessary to truly imbibe the knowledge. The skill I have acquired has been a considerable contribution to my company."
-Jack Eastman

"I own four AutoCAD books and this one is by far the most useful. My computer suffered a major crash recently and I had to reload and recustomize AutoCAD. I could not have done it on my own without your book to guide me through some of the more difficult tasks. Thank you for such a great reference.
-Janice Owens

"I've been a fan of your AutoCAD books since the 2004 edition... Great work!"
- Dave Maynard

"I am paying so much for school and have learned more from just your book alone...I love and learned so much from your book already; people in my class are envious. Even my teachers are impressed with what I have learned and now ask me how to do things. I love the tutorials."
- Steven Scholtes

"The AutoCAD Bible is a textbook that is an object lesson in good design, concise and helpful writing, and a near-genius level of organisation. . . Your book has been the single most significant factor in my successful mastering of a new skill. . .there is not a paragraph that I would rewrite."
- Paul O'Kelly

"Just a note thanking you for the excellent AutoCAD resource book...Although an expert user of AutoCAD for the last ten years and a certified instructor, the book is a great source of new ideas, techniques, and review...Again, thank you for the superb reference book.
- Andrew Tait

"I'm a teacher at Oak Creek High School and I just purchased your book on ...and I am very impressed with the book. I teach drafting and architecture with CAD and this is the best book I ever purchased."
- Jim Ludeman

"Thanks for writing AutoCAD Bible ..... I'm finding information that I can use and understand!!!!"
-Bob Tuttle

"It is a real pleasure reading and learning with the aid of your book, the AutoCAD Bible. I literally was able to set up standard templates and do some basic parts drawing in the last two days (I bought the book two days ago). I immediately started into solid modeling to describe the parts I wanted to produce...Your lesson structuring and functional explanations are superb."
-Werner Kramer

"Most complete, concise & to the point AutoCAD book I have! ... clear, concise & to the point... We didn't have to spend as much time calling CAD consultants when we could find the information we needed at the flip of a page." Bravo!
-Bruce Hodder

"Great book. This is the first time that I have ever used AutoCAD or any other CAD software and you have made it so easy & enjoyable to learn. I really appreciate your ability to convey the concepts in your book and I really like the Step-by-Step Exercises."
-Howard Groves

"Every once in a while I run across a technical manual that is actually a joy to peruse and from which to learn. Your AutoCAD Bible is one such example. In the local bookstore I held four different versions of [books], and after reading through them all on the subject of 3DOrbit, yours alone was clear, concise, easy to understand, and got me out of a bind."
-Sandy Warren

"I use your book as a constant reference at my AutoCAD workplace. Whenever I have a question I go there for the answer and usually find it."
-Peter Elkin, AIA

"I have been using and recommending your work since I first noticed your work with the AutoCAD Bible... I've recommended this work as the 1st choice because of the logical layout, clarity of detailed explanation, common sense approach to meeting needs of a large group of users and finally, I felt that you stayed on task providing a user reference. I support, train and use AutoCAD and I appreciate your work as a suitable, readable, usable and reliable tool! Well DONE!"
-Dan Brewer




AutoCAD links

If you need help, I'll think you'll find what you need at one of these sites.

3DCADTips - a large site devoted to 3D tips for AutoCAD and other CAD programs. However, it includes 2D tips and tutorials as well.
3DCADTutorials - This site is not only about 3D or about CAD, but it has a lot of tutorial and tip content. Use the Applications list on the right, or the search feature, to find what you need.
AutoCAD Advice - Offers 3D tutorials with lots of helpful images, and a nice selection of tips.
AfraLisp - a nice site for AutoLISP routines and info. Some VBA material, too.
AutoCAD Exchange - AutoCAD Exchange is a complete AutoCAD resource, on Autodesk's web site. It includes the existing discussion groups, a social media component, tips, videos, Ask the Expert sessions, even humor. You can share your own content and AutoCAD tips.
AutoCAD Insider is Heidi Hewett's excellent blog of AutoCAD tips and techniques. Heidi works for Autodesk and has the ability to explain complex features clearly and thoroughly. Highly recommended.
Autodesk Labs is a place for new and emerging technologies. You can find some interesting software, all free. For example, the Navigation Tool for AutoCAD lets you navigate back and forward, like the Back and Forward buttons in your browser. It tracks what you're looking at in AutoCAD, so if you pan to another area of your drawing, you can click the Back button to go back to your previous view. It works with AutoCAD 2008 and 2009.
AutoCAD Support
- AutoCAD Support home page at Autodesk.
AutoCAD Product - AutoCAD Product home page at Autodesk.
AutoCAD Tip of the Day - Lots of cool AutoCAD tips that you'll find helpful in your everyday work.
AutoCAD Users Group International (AUGI) - When you join, there are many resources, including a newsletter, connections to local groups, and opportunities to learn more about AutoCAD.
Best CAD Software - FindtheBest.com's page on CAD software compares prices and features.
Beth's CAD Blog - Beth offers lots of tips on AutoCAD and AutoCAD MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing).
Better Than Nothing - Leonid Nemirovsky's site has lots of great, free AutoLISP routines and tips.
Between the Lines Blog - Shaan Hurley created Autodesk's first blog, containing official information from Autodesk on all its products, information about all sorts of CAD information, and Shaan's ramblings about his unusual vacations.
Beyond the UI - Lee Ambrosius is an AutoCAD wizard and documents the history of new commands.
CAD2Design - A wide-ranging site on all things CAD-related, with channels for each software. This is the AutoCAD channel. "Refreshing AutoCAD news, articles, tutorials, videos, and more."
CADALOT is a British site that covers a wide range of CAD-related information. There's a draft document on "How to Draw" that I think is unique, a number of downloads, a good FAQ page, a "Tips 'n' Tricks" page, and more. Some of the AutoCAD content is old, but there is a very new Revit Structure section. You can get a good education here.
CADALYST magazine
- recent and upcoming conventions, web links, tutorials, lots of AutoLISP code. Free AutoCAD training course to new subscribers.
CAD Block Exchange Network - A free CAD block library created by users.
Users are encouraged to contribute their own content.
CADblocos - A thorough site for CAD blocks, hatches, AutoLISP routines, and links from Brazil, in Portuguese.
CADClips - Over 45 hours of video lessons on AutoCAD, ADT, and Revit. (Since each lesson is well under an hour, there are a lot of lessons.) For example, there's an excellent selection of 3D lessons for AutoCAD 2007 (and later).
CAD Corner Canada - AutoCAD LISP routines, blocks, details, text styles and hatch patterns. Also a forum. You'll find something useful here.
CADdepot - An extensive file download library and online discussion groups.
CAD Forum - 1.500+ free CAD tips and tricks for AutoCAD, Inventor, Civil 3D, Revit, etc., a discussion forum, a CAD blocks library, CAD utilities, and other CAD resources. Also available in Czech and German.
CADDManager.com is a site for CAD(D) managers, of course. It includes articles on best practices, CAD standards, a blog, surveys, and more.
CAD-Manager.com is the Web site of Robert Green, the well-known writer of the CAD Manager column in Cadalyst magazine. He's also a consultant and an author. His site has easy links to his excellent articles, code examples, CUI (customize user interface) tutorials, and more.
cad nauseam - Steve Johnson's detailed blog about AutoCAD and its features, with his strong opinions included!
Cadopolis is a portal that is a combination of a CAD store, a forum, and links. It has a large selection of CAD-related shareware.
CAD Panacea is R. K. McSwain's blog on all things AutoCAD
cadpanel for cad professionals - A wide-ranging site from Aliresa Parsai, including tips, AutoLISP and VBA routines; excellent and complete 2D and 3D tutorials; many CAD books (including mine); free hatch patterns, material library, and drawing samples; plus his own 3D Modeling e-book.
CADTALENT - People often e-mail me about jobs and here's a place to look. Employers can post jobs and job seekers can post resumes. They have over 12,000 jobs and over 7,000 resumes posted as of today.
CADTutor - free help and tutorials for AutoCAD. Includes an image bank of free vector and raster images.
CAD-users from exUSSR - Site for helping Ukrainian and Russian CAD-users.
CADUZER - A blog on AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Studio Max, and architecture-related topics.
CADwire.net is a daily collection of articles, reviews, and news on CAD. This important resource is an very thorough collection of content. (A number of my tips end up here.) It's also nicely organized by discipline.
CCNtv is your CAD TV fix, complete with commercials. But it's fun to watch CAD news in video format. Watch the home page video, then click Broadcast Archives for more.
Daily Autocad - A daily blog with in-depth articles on all levels of expertise.
DotSoft - A leading developer of productivity add-ons for AutoCAD. I've included many of the free ones on the CD-ROM of my book.
Draftsperson.net is an Australia-based site that offers free AutoLISP routines, tips, tutorials (including a series of AutoLISP lessons), over 400 free blocks, a list of bugs, a forum, and more.
HowToAutoCAD - How To Use AutoCAD - Will Forty's blog to help you master AutoCAD.
HyperPics - A great site for tips and tutorials on AutoCAD (over 100).  Lee Ambrosius, the author of the site, is a thorough expert on AutoCAD.
In the Dynamic Interface - Mark Douglas' blog on AutoCAD includes his very creative solutions to interesting problems.
JefferyPSanders.com The Ultimate AutoLisp Tutorial - This site offers free AutoLISP tutorials, ranging from beginner to advanced to extreme.
JTB World Blog - Jimmy Bergmark's blog has all the technical info you need about AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, and programming AutoCAD.
Lazy Drafter - A blog by Todd Shakelford with lots of little tips for making your AutoCAD life easier.
Lispwiki - Wiki (editable website) for AutoLISP, VBA and other code for AutoCAD. You can find lots of free stuff here and share your own code.
LT Unlimited - A blog on AutoCAD LT by Autodesk Technical Marketing Manager Kate Morrical. As you know, LT includes many of the features of AutoCAD and this blog will help you whichever program you use.
Lynn Allen's Blog - Lynn Allen is Autodesk's AutoCAD and Inventor "evangelist." She's always fun and informative.
The Mad Cadder - Tips and news on AutoCAD, Revit, and BIM.
Mistress of the Dorkness (aka Melanie Perry) blog - A fun, rambling blog relating to CAD, facilities management, and CAD products used for facilities management. A good read.
Moss Designs - Elise Moss' site offers free downloads, lots of tips, and tutorials.
myCADsite.com - A site offering free tutorials, now updated to AutoCAD 2008. They start at the beginning and go through 3D. The advanced topics are really intermediate topics. The tutorials are clear and complete.
Novedge Pulse Latest News is a constantly updated collection of news feeds from relevant blogs and sites on CAD. You'll find both news about the CAD industry as well as software-related content. (My blog is here, too.) The display is very well thought out and attractive. You can vote for your favorites.
RobiNZ CAD Blog - The New Zealand maven talks about AutoCAD and Revit.
Rockmaster's CAD Resources - Jason Foster's blog, Rockmaster's CAD Resources, emphasizes good CAD practices and offers easy-to-understand tips. He makes available VBA routines that he writes to speed up common tasks. I especially like the Best Practices tab at the top where you can quickly find all his posts on that topic.
TenLinks.com. This site contains more CAD content that you can imagine, with tips, articles, and news relating to many CAD software programs. It also covers CAM and CAE. Click the AutoCAD link for the top ten AutoCAD sites and much more.
The CAD Geek is a blog specializing in CAD management and standards. It covers AutoCAD, as well as Civil 3D and Map 3D. However there are many tips that anyone who works with AutoCAD can use.
University of New South Wales - UNSW has placed some of its AutoCAD courses on its Web site, updated for Release 2000 — and free.

Internet Resources
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