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Add formulas to a table

You can add formulas to a table, so that it automatically calculates the following:

  • Sum
  • Average
  • Count (counts the cells in a column or row)
  • Cell (displays the value of another cell)
  • Equation (lets you manually insert a formula)

This makes the table work like a spreadsheet.

To add a formula, click outside the table to exit editing mode, if you were entering data. Then click the cell where you want to enter the formula, to select it.

Next, right-click the cell, and choose Insert> Formula to display the sub-menu , and choose the formula that you want. Alternatively, on the Table tab, go to the Insert panel, and choose Formula. Then choose the option that you want.

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Follow the instructions on the command line. For example, to insert a Sum, Average, or Count formula, you’ll see prompts to select the first and second corner of the cell range that you want to include in the formula. You might have to experiment to find the best place to pick to select the corners.

To enter a formula manually, choose Equation, which inserts the leading equal (=) sign for you. Then enter the equation as you would in a spreadsheet.

14 comments to Add formulas to a table

  • bojanamit

    Im working in 2007, but when I insert formula like u show up i got only #### whats wrong? sorry for bad English,

  • Raff

    Check your data format, maybe it’s configured for text, or the current precision to 0.00000000 and doesn’t fit in the cell width

  • Jim

    is it possible to remove the filling-hatch of the formula…?

  • javad forutan

    Dear Friend
    I want to thank you for answering.
    If I Can draw in autocad Through Entering the Numbers in Excel. Of course Other than Table.

  • KC

    I have tried this by all means…every thing works fine….first I select a cell, then right click, then insert formula, then sum, then first corner and then second corner, after this it displays a formula..which after enter converts into a hatch …and thus all i get at last is a hatch……please advise me what to do?????????????????????

  • Ellen

    That’s pretty weird! Never seen that…

  • yahya patel

    thanks mam ,,,,,,,

  • krishna

    is it possible to disable formulas in a table? i would like one of my cells to show ” = 450 va ” but it turns into ” xxxx “

  • B.A.Glover


    In order for your formulas to be displayed in a table, you need to add an apostrophe before the formula. This is the same technique used in Excel, to display the contents of a cell as text, rather than executing the formula.

  • rene masajo

    is it possible to create a formula for a series of labels? for example:

    i have A-01-01 on cell A1 on the next cell i want to automatically show A-01-02 and so on.. is it possible?? kinda have to label hundreds of cell and its so tedious.

  • Tom Goodhue

    you could make your spread sheet in excel using the fill series
    copy all your cells to the clip board
    in autocad using the edit menu select paste special
    next choose autocad entities and the ok
    then paste the table where you want it in your drawing

  • PAUL

    Hi dear,
    I find your email in ‘’
    I have question about field in AutoCAD
    I currently use AutoCAD 2015LT version and wondering if I can use field option more in my project
    My question is For the revision box in actual page i want to put “IF Formula” in the field to read the revision table so it find the last line to of the revision No. in the table and then fill the box.
    For example if the cornet revision in the table is P1, in the revision box shows p1 box and if the table grow to next revision that box get to the next rev. No.
    By the way the table at the moment is an attribute block

    If you think I should change anything please let me know I will do the change

    Again thanks for your help and time in advance

  • Mike Harkins

    I have data in a cell of a table that is pulled from a cell in another table. Once I a while the link between the cell in one table and a cell in the other table breaks. How can I get it back without completely redoing the process. I noticed that there is an AutoCAD generated “ID” referenced in the cell link but I don’t see a way to discover what that ID is after the link “breaks”

    Any ideas?

  • Toren

    The SUM Formula works fine, but if there is no data in any of summed cells, # appears in the formula cell.

    Is there any way to suppress this symbol?


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