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Choose a useful point style in AutoCAD

Points have many uses in AutoCAD drawings. They are used for construction purposes, to help you find a coordinate. You can find a point using the NODE object snap. Sometimes, they are used as symbols, especially the more visible point styles.

The default point style is a simple dot, but it’s hard to see. Some disciplines specify a certain type of point style, such as an x, a cross, or a circle. AutoCAD comes with 20 point styles, so you can generally find the one you need. You would usually define the point style first, and then use the POINT command, but if you change the point style, AutoCAD changes the style of existing points accordingly.


To specify a point style, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Home tab> Utilities panel drop-down, Point Style in the Drafting & Annotation workspace. (This is the DDPTYPE command or PDMODE system variable.)
  2. Choose the style you want. Note that the second style is invisible.
  3. By default, the point size is relative to the screen. This means that the point size doesn’t change when you zoom in or out. This type of point is meant for reference. However, if you want to use the point to represent a real-world object, choose the Set Size in Absolute Units option and enter a size in the Point Size text box.
  4. When you’re done, click OK.

Then use the POINT command to insert the points into the drawing.  You can find this command on the ribbon, on the Home tab, in the expanded Draw panel. The tooltip says Multiple Points. When you specify a location for a point, AutoCAD continues to prompt you to Specify a point until you press the Esc key on your keyboard.

If you don’t want your points to appear when you plot, you can change the point style to the second point style, because it’s invisible. Another option is to put your points on a separate layer with the Not Plottable properly.

How do you use points?

Do you use them to represent physical objects or just for construction? Leave a comment!

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