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Easily import text and dimension styles from other drawings

There’s no reason to recreate the wheel – or text or dimension styles, if you have them elsewhere. The easiest way to import a text or dimension style from another drawing is to use the DesignCenter.

Follow these steps:

  1. autocad-tips-import-text-dimension-styles-1Go to the View tab, Palettes, DesignCenter or type designcenter on the command line.
  2. From the Folder list (it looks a lot like Windows Explorer) navigate to the folder, then the drawing that has the text or dimension style that you need.
  3. Click the drawing’s Plus sign to expand it and choose the type of elements that you want to import, such as a text style.
  4. On the right, you’ll see a list of the text styles that are available in the drawing. Drag the one you want onto the drawing area.

You can also use the Content Explorer, although the set-up process is more complex. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the Plug-Ins tab, then click Explore.
  2. If the folder where the drawing you is not listed, click Add Watched Folder at the bottom.
  3. Navigate to the folder, select it, and click OK. AutoCAD scans the drawings in the folder; this process may take some time. The Content Explorer works best when you plan in advance.
  4. When the process of scanning is done, or if the folder you want is listed, you can do one of two things:
  5. If you know the name of the element, enter it in the Search box at the top of the Content Explorer.
  6. If you know the location and name of the drawing, double-click the folder and navigate to the drawing. Double-click the drawing to display its elements.
  7. When you see the element you want, such as a text style, drag it onto the drawing area to import it into your drawing.

Do you have any tips for importing text or dimension styles? Leave a comment!


4 comments to Easily import text and dimension styles from other drawings

  • Wow!!
    You have no idea how long I have wished to know about this trick…
    Thank You does not even begin to express my gratitude…

  • T K M Galappaththyu

    Hi Ellen

    I interested with second method. Which version you used? How to open plug-ins?


  • Zulqarnain Yusufzai

    It really work. I like method 1. Thank you.

  • Gary Wong

    Thank you! It works very well for me. This web blog has been a great help since I am picking up AutoCAD again after abandoning it for a few years.

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