Discover the new trend in presenting!

Training webinar: Present interactively—
Your audience expects it!

By Ellen Finkelstein

Learn to engage & involve your audience. They don't want to be passive!

There's a new way to present and it doesn't involve standing in front of an audience and talking. People have gone from sitting passively in front of a TV or movie screen to interacting on a computer or mobile device. Are you ready for the change? Present interactively

Interactive presentation skills are important for your career! Learn how to:

  • Involve your audience from the first few minutes
  • Engage your audience throughout your presentation
  • Start a conversation—and carry it through
  • Use audience feedback to guide your content
  • Create a menu in PowerPoint to structure an interactive presentation
  • Use social media to encourage further interaction

Here’s what I covered:

  1. Why interactivity is necessary in today’s world: people are no longer willing to sit passively and take in information. They’re used to gaining knowledge interactively on the Internet, choosing what they want to see and hear.
  2. How to create a menu-based presentation that lets the audience control the direction of the presentation
  3. How to use third party software to make interactivity easy. I showed Yawnbuster and Raptivity Presenter
  4. How to use social media, specifically the “back channel” to create and manage interactivity.

Purchase the recording of the webinar and you'll also get:

  • The handout: My notes and links to the resources I mentioned
  • The presentation file, including a working menu

Read a blog post about the webinar in The World of Interactivity.

"I especially liked hearing about the tools you BackStory and Raptivity.  That is helpful and saves me time that I would otherwise spend testing a bunch of things to see what works.  Thanks again, I look forward to some new tips and tricks.". - Lori A.

"It was really great how you demonstrated what you were teaching, and gave us a feel for BackNoise, etc."

"I learned a lot of cool, cool things. Keep up the good work."

"I will definitely use this when I teach writing skills or grammar where the course comprises many quick topics, to find out which topics most people are interested in covering."

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