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"Congratulations on writing the best AutoCAD reference/ manual that I've ever seen. I've been an AutoCAD user since R10 and I've seen and used many, many books on ACAD. Yours is an exceptional work...thank you for providing such a complete resource."
- Mike Cauley

"I want to thank you for the AutoCAD Bible. I am a worshipper...in the space of a few months I've reached a level of proficiency with AutoCAD that I wasn't expecting to achieve so quickly...Your book lays it out very intelligently and the CD-ROM provides the hands-on experience that is necessary to truly imbibe the knowledge. The skill I have acquired has been a considerable contribution to my company."
-Jack Eastman

"I own four AutoCAD books and this one is by far the most useful. My computer suffered a major crash recently and I had to reload and recustomize AutoCAD. I could not have done it on my own without your book to guide me through some of the more difficult tasks. Thank you for such a great reference.
-Janice Owens

"I've been a fan of your AutoCAD books since the 2004 edition... Great work!"
- Dave Maynard

"I am paying so much for school and have learned more from just your book alone...I love and learned so much from your book already; people in my class are envious. Even my teachers are impressed with what I have learned and now ask me how to do things. I love the tutorials."
- Steven Scholtes

"The AutoCAD Bible is a textbook that is an object lesson in good design, concise and helpful writing, and a near-genius level of organisation. . . Your book has been the single most significant factor in my successful mastering of a new skill. . .there is not a paragraph that I would rewrite."
- Paul O'Kelly

"Just a note thanking you for the excellent AutoCAD resource book...Although an expert user of AutoCAD for the last ten years and a certified instructor, the book is a great source of new ideas, techniques, and review...Again, thank you for the superb reference book.
- Andrew Tait

"I'm a teacher at Oak Creek High School and I just purchased your book on ...and I am very impressed with the book. I teach drafting and architecture with CAD and this is the best book I ever purchased."
- Jim Ludeman

"Thanks for writing AutoCAD Bible ..... I'm finding information that I can use and understand!!!!"
-Bob Tuttle

"It is a real pleasure reading and learning with the aid of your book, the AutoCAD Bible. I literally was able to set up standard templates and do some basic parts drawing in the last two days (I bought the book two days ago). I immediately started into solid modeling to describe the parts I wanted to produce...Your lesson structuring and functional explanations are superb."
-Werner Kramer

"Most complete, concise & to the point AutoCAD book I have! ... clear, concise & to the point... We didn't have to spend as much time calling CAD consultants when we could find the information we needed at the flip of a page." Bravo!
-Bruce Hodder

"Great book. This is the first time that I have ever used AutoCAD or any other CAD software and you have made it so easy & enjoyable to learn. I really appreciate your ability to convey the concepts in your book and I really like the Step-by-Step Exercises."
-Howard Groves

"Every once in a while I run across a technical manual that is actually a joy to peruse and from which to learn. Your AutoCAD Bible is one such example. In the local bookstore I held four different versions of [books], and after reading through them all on the subject of 3DOrbit, yours alone was clear, concise, easy to understand, and got me out of a bind."
-Sandy Warren

"I use your book as a constant reference at my AutoCAD workplace. Whenever I have a question I go there for the answer and usually find it."
-Peter Elkin, AIA

"I have been using and recommending your work since I first noticed your work with the AutoCAD Bible... I've recommended this work as the 1st choice because of the logical layout, clarity of detailed explanation, common sense approach to meeting needs of a large group of users and finally, I felt that you stayed on task providing a user reference. I support, train and use AutoCAD and I appreciate your work as a suitable, readable, usable and reliable tool! Well DONE!"
-Dan Brewer



AutoCAD Bible Companion Website

Welcome! Here you'll find bonus content, plus the drawings for the exercises. Click the link for your edition of the book.

AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013 Bible

AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015 Bible

AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013 Bible

Thanks to Len Nemirovsky for these routines. You can find many more at his website, Better Than Nothing.

Ar1 Creates a label of the area of an enclosed polyline.
Idt Lets you specify spacing between lines of dtext
It Lets you specify spacing between lines of text.
Mmt Merges two Mtext objects.
Pend Creates a pipe break symbol in a line.
Psp1 Automates the setting of scales for paper space, creating viewports, and switching between viewports and corresponding views in model space.
Sfld Creates custom fields.
Stmplot Adds drawing information to plots.
Wb Creates a list of blocks in a folder, and wblocks the blocks to that folder.

Thanks to Terry Dotson for these routines. You can find many more at his website, Dotsoft.

Name Description
Arcsum Lists the total length of a selection set of arcs.
Layerhtm2 Displays a copy of the Layer Properties Manager dialog box in your browser so that you can print it.
Linesum Provides the total length of selected lines.
Mhatch Creates solid fills for a selection of closed objects.
Polydis Reports the length of a selected polyline.
Quickkey "Super-Alias" replacement for acad.pgp that supports command options like ZOOM Previous.
Txtexprt Exports Text objects to a text file.
Txtstack Adjusts spacing between lines of single-line text.
Wblockm Creates individual drawings (write blocks) of all the blocks in a drawing, in a folder that you specify.

AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015 Bible

Video 1: Quick Start chapter video (16 min)


Video 2: TRIM-EXTEND-BREAK preview (new feature) (<2 min)

Video 3: Drawing an array along a path (<2 min)


Video 4: Drawing basic 3D solids - a lamp (5 min)