3 Components of an Effective Presentation

An effective presentation must get three components right:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Delivery

Each of these components has to be on the mark and they all have to work together, as well.

When writing your content, decide on two or three main points and make sure that everything else that you write leads to those points. Make your content logical, simple, and clear. Figure out what your audience needs and wants to know and tailor your content for the audience.

Regarding design, your number one concern is legibility. Don’t put too much text on a slide and keep it large enough to read easily. The text color should contrast highly with the background color. Then, make sure that your design complements your content. Your background and images shouldn’t detract from the content. Images should work to clarify text. The layout and size of text should bring important points to the fore.

Don’t forget a winning delivery. Engaging your audience with eye contact and your overall energy is important. Know your main points and emphasize them with your voice and the amount of time you spend on them. Two’s a party; three’s a crowd, they say. If you just read your slides, you’re putting PowerPoint between you and the audience and they’ll resent it. Instead, use the slides only as support for your presentation.

In many cases, a presentation is a collaborative effort and different people write the content, design the presentation, and deliver it. In this case, all parties involved need to communicate with each other. For example, the writer needs to tell the designer and the deliverer which points are most important, so they can emphasize those points properly. Using these guidelines, you’ll be well on the way to an effective presentation.

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