6 steps to create cool stickout photos in PowerPoint

A subscriber turned me on to Before & After Magazine‘s YouTube videos, showing great design tips.  I thought I would show you how to create one of their effects in PowerPoint. Read to the end, because there’s a contest with a prize for 3 winners!

First, watch their video

How to create “stickouts” in PowerPoint

How can you create cool stickout photos in PowerPoint? Here are the steps:

1. Insert a photo that is appropriate for this technique. You need a strong object in the foreground, because you’ll remove its background. You also need an object that has a component that you want to “stick out.” I used a photo of a jet, taking a cue from the video.

2. Expand the photo, if you want, to cover the entire slide. Here you can see that the photo, which is square, extends to the sides of the slide, but over the top. I moved the photo a little to the right of the slide, so you could see how far up it extends. But the nose of the jet doesn’t extend past the top of the slide.

3. Duplicate the image. You can just select it and press Ctrl+D. The two photos will be slightly offset, which is good, because you need to be able to select them separately. Here, the front photo is selected; it’s a little to the right of the original.

4. Now you need to remove the background of the front image. Select the front image. In PowerPoint 2010, click the Format tab and use the Remove Background tool to remove its background. I have instructions here. Some other useful blog posts for earlier versions on PowerPoint are here and here. In the image below, I temporarily deleted the original photo, so you could see how the jet looks without the background.

5. Select the back image and crop it so that part of the front photo sticks out. In the figure below, I temporarily deleted the front image, so you could see the effect of the crop.

6. Select the front image and move it exactly over the back image. Here’s the final result.

Do you like it?


Send me your example of this technique!  I’ll publish the 3 best  examples and give the winners a free copy of Slide Design for Non-Designers (or another one of my ebooks — your choice). Entries are due by March 5, 2012.

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