A good introduction/opener

A good opener for a presentationA good introduction to the delivery of your presentation is extremely important. The first minute or so sets the stage for the rest of your talk.

You should start with an upbeat, positive mood. The first impression you make lasts. You want to quickly gain the attention, interest, and respect of your audience. Your first words should be lively, interesting, clear, and simple.

Start by expressing the fact that you’re glad to be there. A statement like, “I’m glad/excited/pleased/thrilled to be here” is almost obligatory. It invites the audience to be glad that they’re there, too. Your excitement is infectious and infuses the session with your energy.

Claudyne Wilder, in the July, 2007 issue of her newsletter, “Wilder’s Presentation Points,” said the following:

“A presenter who says, ‘I know you are busy people and have many things to do. Thank you for coming.’ only reminds everyone of all the things that they aren’t doing because they are sitting and listening. Distracting the audience before the presentation even begins is hardly a positive way to begin!”

Your introduction should answer the following

  • Who are you?
  • What is your topic?
  • Why is it important?

Who are you?

If you will be introduced, re-mention your name and re-affirm the most important fact about yourself that the audience will find meaningful, such as your experience with the topic. Otherwise, provide a slightly longer introduction, but just enough to let people know why they should listen to you.

What is your topic?

Give a brief explanation of your topic, just a little longer than the title of your talk. Don’t give away the secret of your talk, but whet their appetite.

Why is it important?

Finally, tell the audience why the topic is important to them. What will they have gained by the time the talk is finished? Don’t feel shy to promise that they’ll learn something useful; they really want to know that.

The entire opening should only take a minute or two. More than that, and it becomes boring because the audience will be impatient to hear the main content of your presentation.

Lori Giovannoni, in her e-book, So You Want to Be a Speaker, says, “Your intro should be well rehearsed, clear and filled with confidence. This is not the time to stammer and stutter and hope for the best. A poor intro will drop the energy in the room and you will spend the next half hour trying to recapture it.”

Here are some other ideas for openers:

  • Ask your audience a question and ask them to raise hands in reply. For example, “How many of you regularly give presentations to small audiences of 1 to 10 people?”
  • Begin with an interesting, relevant quote. Then use that quote to launch your talk. For example, “Author and columnist Earl Wilson said, ‘If you wouldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it.’ This gives us a clue as to how you can gain believability from your audience.”
  • Mention something another speaker said, or a current event, that is related to your presentation.
  • Start with a short, relevant personal story or experience.

When you’ve written your introduction/opening, rewrite it and edit it until you like it. Then practice giving it out loud. Practice again. Time it. Record it and listen to it. Make adjustments and practice the new version. You should be able to speak it out without looking at your notes. When you’re done, you’ll have a great opener to your presentation!

Check out my other post on this topic, “How to start a presentation.”

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  • Esther Jeon

    I am 6th grade and I need to do the presentation about Bosnia and Herzegovina… And everyone knows my name because they all are my friends… I think it would be weird for me to introduce myself… What should I do to get people’s attention?
    Our teacher said that he is fairly disappointed about our introduction and conclusion… I would be thankful if you help me

  • Esther,
    You are right that you don’t need to introduce yourself in a classroom of your classmates. One way to get people’s attention would be to find some surprising fact about Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then you could start with, “Do you know that ….?” For example, you could ask your parents and parents of your friends where they are — show them a map. I bet that almost no one will be able to find them on the map. So you could start with, “Do you know that 90% of people don’t know where Bosnia and Herzegovina are?” Or you could also ask those adults what Herzegovina is. I bet most of them won’t even know it’s a country! So you could start with, “Do you know that 90% of people have never heard of Herzegovina and don’t even know it’s a place? How would you feel if you lived in a place that so many people had never heard of?” This will get their attention! Good luck on your presentation!

  • Ajeetha

    Hi,i am a 3rd year B.E student.I have to do the presentation about Global Wireless e-Voting.can you please help me, how to start my presentation and how to gain the attention of my audience?

  • thiara

    hi i am a sophmore , and me and two other ppl r presenting a powerpoint on pandora (a godess) my teacher explained that “we should do an interesting introduction not just say,” my name is…this is a powerpoint on pandora” im not sure how my intro should be. help?

  • What is an interesting or surprising fact about Pandora? Start with that. For example, “Did you know that Pandora was the first mortal woman?”

  • thiara

    “The first mortal women on earth, the releaser of disease,death and sorrow..pandora” sounds good? (:

  • thiara

    and i do have stage fright, teachers have even deducted points off because i start out talking strong but i get real shacky and shy and my voice fades, ive been dealing with this for awhile, any recomdations? (thank you so much for your help)

  • Practice more. Videotape yourself and watch the videotape. Practice on your friends. Take a deep breath between sections–it’s good to pause! Don’t be too formal, be more conversational.

    Yes, good start.

  • Ishika Arora

    hye..i m a 9th standard student,and i want to give an introduction…on the topic lokpal bill.so would you please tell me..how to began my presentation…

  • Ishika, I don’t recognize that name, “lokpal bill.” Is it a person? If so, perhaps you can start with a surprising fact. Good luck!

  • chantal

    Hi I am a 6th grader and I am doing a presentation on Justin Bieber and I dont know how to start it. Can you please help me?

  • Find some strange or funny fact about him and start, “Did you know that ….? That will get your audience interested. Maybe find a funny photo, too. Good luck!

  • Mike

    Hello. I am an international researcher at a University and I am supposed to present my project in an international competition in from of a panel of internation judges. How do I introduce myself before I go to the main topic of my presentation? like who I am, where I am from, what do i do? Is it possible to provide me with a sentence? Thank you.

  • There won’t be any introduction for you at all? Not even your name? There won’t be a printed item with the list of presenters? If not, or even if there is, I would work it into the beginning of the presentation rather than a sentence before your topic. Is the competition based on the research — who did the best research?

    You could simply put your name and university on the title slide under the name of your presentation/research. You don’t need to say anything. Focus on the research. But, if you want to tell a story about how you came to choose this research, that would be interesting and you could incorporate a little about yourself there.

  • Mike

    Thank you. I will be starting with a story. I had an one on one coaching recently regarding this competition and I had my name and university on my slide just below my topic. After the presentation, one of the judge mentioned that I did not properly introduce myself, like my background, where I am from and so on. The reason was because I have a french accent, and the judge was wondering where I was from an so on.

  • Hi , I am doing a presentation about paper lantern and I don’t know how to start it. Can you please help me?

  • I’m not sure what you could say about paper lanterns, but perhaps start with a question to the audience, asking them what they use them for. Do something to engage the audience. Good luck!

  • tanushree

    i have to give a presentation on my internship.. how do i introduce & start my presentation to have a powerful impact on my examiner???

  • It’s hard to say, since I don’t know what your internship is about. Perhaps find a famous, philosophical quote and relate it to your internship to show you’ve thought deeply about its implications. Perhaps show a diagram placing the company where you worked in the context of the whole world, so they can see that you appreciate the larger impact of what they’re doing. Perhaps use a diagram showing the skills you learned and how they’ll apply to your professional life. Then go on and elaborate. Good luck!

  • Rose

    I am a first year business student and me an my group need to do a presentation about the new venture we created. What would be a good introduction and how can we make our presentation interesting and engaging?

    Thank you.

  • Rose, have you ever watched Shark Tank on TV? I’d recommend it, because the presentations are always engaging. They demo their product, wear costumes, etc.
    Aside from that, start by talking about the problem that your venture solves and relate it to the audience. “Have you ever experienced that….? Wasn’t it frustrating? How great would it be if….? Good luck!

  • Jemma Sherman

    Hi, i am doing a degree in early years and i have to do a 10 minute power point presentation on language and language theory in the early years. I am a little unsure how to start it because the group i am doing it in front of 5 people who already know my name and my job role?? also the presentation is all about how i promote language theory in my nursery setting so i am a little unsure about how to start it really.

    thanks for reading

  • Tell a short story, ask a question, say a surprising fact, say something that’s different from usual. For example, you could start, “In this program, I’ve learned a lot of theory about language, but when I had an opportunity to use it in a nursery setting, I discovered some valuable approaches.”

  • maria

    hi, i am a student of pharmacy, and i have been given a topic of function of auxin(a phytohormone). can u please help me, that how would i start my topic and introduce myself in front of my classmates, as i’ll be the 3rd member in my group presentation of total 5 members. thanks,

  • Since I have NO idea what that is, it’s hard to give you an answer. Why is it important or interesting? Any stories about what happens when it doesn’t function properly?

  • michaela

    Hi. I have to do a presentation over a lab that I did-oil spill cleanup. I’m not sure how to start. Could you give me some pointers, please? Thanks.

  • malak

    Hi ,
    I am a student in the high school , I am going to give a presentation next week about positive thinking , I wonder how to start my presentation especially that I am with 3 friends in it !

  • Tell a horror story about an oil spill cleanup or just silently show some photos of birds covered with oil. Something striking.

  • Felicia

    I have to do a power point presentation in my class. How should I introduce my self – I am also doing business proposal

  • Ellen Finkelstein

    Unless your teacher expects you to introduce yourself, you don’t need to, since everyone in the class knows you, right? If it’s a huge class, that might be a different story. You could intertwine something about yourself into the business proposal — something about you that led you to decide that this proposal was the right thing.

  • Samir

    Hello, Going through your previous replies, i must say you have done a wonderful job sharing your views and responding to each queries. I have one too 🙂
    I am close to recruitment in a university as a lecturer, and before the official joining, the faculty head asked me to present a favorite topic of mine in front of the rest of the faculty members. I decided to present my Master’s thesis, but how would I introduce myself in front of my future co-workers? And what other details (apart from education details) would be relevant in the introduction slide?

  • Samir, Congratulations on your new job! I don’t think you want to put more than your education details on the first slide, but I think you want to say something verbally. You could introduce the topic of your Master’s thesis by saying something about how your background led you to this topic — so I’d add something personal because your future co-workers also want to get to know you as a person — but as a professional person. So don’t make it TOO personal.

  • lucy

    i am a first year student and have been asked to make a presentation on myself, introducing myself to my new class mates and i have no clue where and how to start

  • Think of something unusual or especially interesting about you or your background or your goals and start with that. Then go on to the rest. Good luck!

  • bianca

    i’m presenting a powerpoint presentation in front of my classmate together with my groupmates, I just like to have some tips on how to start my topic about recommendation report.?

  • maria samour

    Hi there, I am a grade 9 student and I have been assigned to do a presentation on the book ‘hatchet, by Gary Paulsen’. I am not too sure about what would be a good introduction to it, keeping everyone interested and involved.
    your help would be great,
    Please and Thank you

  • Since I know nothing about the book, it’s hard to say. Is there a surprising fact that you can find about the author if you do some research? Perhaps you can find a review of the book to find some background information. Did the book have an impact on you that your classmates wouldn’t expect? If the other students haven’t read it, is there a reason you think they should? How might it change their life?
    Good luck!

  • Jumana


    Im having a presentation about online shopping and I need help with my intruduction. Would you help me please?
    Thanks in advance!

  • priya muruganantham

    Hai,this page is useful to us.I am doing my 3’rd year B.E.(EEE).i am going to present a paper on power electronics and drives.will u pls help me ? in wt way i have to introduce myself and impress my audience to my topic?

  • Hi Ellen. Judging by the number of comments and hits on this post, it’s a topic on many speakers’ minds! As you say, when speaking, your 1st impression lasts.

    I agree with many of your points, like the importance of whetting people’s appetites, and saying what they’ll gain.

    (To me though, saying “I’m glad to be here” seems a bit trite, and the audience doesn’t care (much) how you feel. They’re absorbed by their own needs and reason for attending, especially at the start.)

    As you say in your post’s last bullet, you can also use a short, relevant story. I really like those, as they can be one of the best ways to connect with your audience.

    Here’s a handy video by Patricia Fripp (professional speaker). It goes straight to 5 different examples that could be very handy. By all means, let me know which of those you like.

    Thanks for all the tips and discussion here, Ellen!

  • Jyotiranjan

    Hi, I recently join a company, and they told me to do a presentation on SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle. The problem is I don’t know how to introduce myself before the topic begin..

  • If everyone there knows you, you don’t have to introduce yourself. If they don’t, I suggest that you ask someone else to introduce you and say why you were chosen to do the presentation.

  • karim

    thank you for every thing you do.
    what i need to ask about is i’ll do a presentation of my self as a final test to get a job with the company(oil and gas company) what steps shoud i fallow to present my self as well.

  • Think about what the employer needs. Rather than talking about yourself, talk about how you can contribute to the success of the company. Do some research on the issues and future direction of the company and address that. Finally, be sure not to use slide after slide of bulleted text. Instead, make the presentation as visual as possible and practice giving it so you know what to say without reading the slides. Good luck!

  • Nichola

    I am doing a presentation on Emigration to Canada during the Famine. I am giving the talk in front of class mates and don’t want to introduce the presentation by saying ‘Hi my name is’. Can you give me any advice with regards to coming up with an interesting introduction. Much appreciated.

  • Nichola, I think your instincts are right. I’d just dive right in with a surprising or shocking fact or statistic about the emigration or the famine to bring home the emotional impact the situation had on the people involved. Are ask the audience a question. “What would you do if you had no food and your children were starving?” Good luck with the presentation!

  • Khalid Alqaseer

    Hi.. Good morning

    I am doing a presentation on indian civilisation, can you please help with in how can i start my introduction and how to get the attention of the people listing ?

  • As I’ve mentioned in other comments, start with a surprising fact. Perhaps something like, “Did you know that Indian civilization ….?”

  • Arnolde Lorng

    Hello, I have a presentation on American Conservative Union, and I don’t know how should I introduce the topic?
    What am I asking you is the introduction of this topic. Thank you

  • Iqra

    I have final research presentation for completion of my degree in BS biotechnology. I am thinking how to start my presentation in a most memorable way as it has to be really formal and I wont be allowed to show pictures or tell a story or anything to get attention.

  • Even in a formal, academic presentation, you can talk about wh6y biotechnology is important. And you CAN tell a story. The story might be of a researcher who was the father of the field, or who made an important discovery in it that you found inspiring. In the end, you can say that you hope to follow in his or her footsteps. You can talk about the possibilities for the future. All of these things are academic and serious and in fact they are what inspire scientists, so they are appropriate.
    Good luck!

  • Michael Boss

    Hi Ellen, you deserve a hearty “Thank U!” for the help U have already given me with this introductory page to your site. (Suddenly I’m unable to type a Capital “y”, so please excuse any typos.)
    I was typing a “Reply” to a devotional, copied it to Office Word and wanted to know how to put in an “My emphasis” to a portion of a Biblical quote. I put this in a parenthesis, but the grammar-check said it was improper. So I asked for “Help” and your site was suggested. I connected, saw NOTHING regarding that topic, BUT THEN saw various other items of interest, most especially on “presentations skills” and FREE “public domain pictures and images.” These are for “PowerPoint,” which I’ve never used (yet). Hopefully these pics and images can be used in “Word” and other word-processing programs. (I’m a slow learner. It is doubtful I’ll try learning “PowerPoint” (though I have it) because I am also retired and physically-challenged. I am giving considerable thought to giving a presentation or two here at the retirement-apartment building where I live. The motivation is to get the many self-elected cloistered residents out of their apartments to participate in some stimulating activities. Others have tried with little success. I have made it a goal. With Gods’ help, and from experts like yourself, this goal will be realized.
    In my early 20’s, I was a radio announcer. Later, while in college-seminary, I took training in speech-making and giving, as well as some TV broadcasting training (mostly course-work only). I gave a few presentations while an intern in a parish in Chicago, and have preached a few times (though not as effectively as I would have liked).
    Therefore I feel qualified to give presentations which might stir up these people. But I could use some pointers.
    Reading this “PowerPoint Tips Blog,” and your responses within it, it is easy to see that you could be, very well, a KEY person to provide these “pointers”. Will you? Your help will be greatly appreciated by me, and could be one of the instruments used to motivate my neighbors to a “better,” more active lifestyle. All of us need help, just in different ways. Please help me become a better motivational presenter. Your help just might help one person have a “happier,” more productive life. Too many people here, and elsewhere surely, are “wasting” their lives away but sitting alone in their apartment/homes just watching mind-numbing TV. (TV is a good thing. But it is also a means by which too many people avoid “living.”


  • I could not resist commenting.Perfectly written!

  • Jamila

    Hi, kindly please help me as I’m doing a presentation the topic is about reservation brand standards audit as I’m working as a reservation sales agent. How would I start with the conversation? Looking forward for your reply.

  • Jamila, I have no idea what “reservation brand standards audit” means, but perhaps your audience won’t either. So start by explaining why they need to know about that topic, why it’s important to them. You could start with something like, “Did you know that….?” Good luck!

  • ruhaira nizam

    Hii..i am 11 grade student.. my presentation is about smoking . I dont know how to begin it with a good intro. So pleas can you help me ?

  • Start with a shocking fact. There are lots of them in the area of smoking. “Did you know that….?”

  • alok shukla

    dear sir … i have giving a techanical ppt ..so plz say me how to start ppt …in plant

  • Lina

    Hey, next Monday I’m going to have a presentation about the United Kingdom, I’m going to talk about United Kingdom: tourists attractions, what it’s famous for, the famous food, the popular sports, festivals and the cities in there, but I don’t know how’s the introduction’s going to be, so can u please help me with the introduction and please reply it soon.. And by the way I’m in the first year of senior high school.

  • Lina, you seem to have lots of material, so just pick one fact that’s especially surprising or interesting and start with, “Did you know that…?” that will get your audience interested. Then you can say something like, “In this presentation I’ll tell you more about this as well as other interesting information about the United Kingdom, so come join me for a virtual journey.” Would that work?

  • Lina

    That would work, thank you so much:) , I’ll tell you how it goes on monday after the presentation..

  • Lina

    It went really well, thanks again miss

  • sreya

    hi m final year student of class B.E Civil. Ii do my project on pervious pavement concerete. we are 4 member in our group. I want to know that haw to start our presentation n what r final words of speech

  • I guess I’d start with some “do you know?” questions that are about the problems of regular concrete pavement — that sets up the point that there’s a problem.
    At the end, I’d summarize how pervious pavement solves those problems.

  • Danish

    Hello Ma’am, I’m Third year Bsc Math Student.I’ve to give a ppt presentation on The topic called ‘Fractals’ . I’m totally confused about it since I’d never given ppt presentation before. Show plz can you help me so that I will give a good ppt……
    Tell me how to start ,how to take interest of audience towards the topic and how to end it. Plz Ma’am reply me soon bcz I’ve to present it On this 8th Sept .

  • Lina

    Miss, can you help me with the introduction again?.. In this presentation I’m going to talk about the ottoman empire.. Pleasee reply it soon.. Thank you

  • Lina

    Miss, please reply it sooner, cuz the presentation is on monday.. My presentation is about ottoman empire.. I don’t know how the introduction should be like.. Pleasee reply it today

  • Lina,
    Look at my other responses and adapt it to your presentation. You’ll be able to figure it out! Good luck!

  • Apurva

    hey I m 10th standard student and want to give presentation on topic Goal of my life…so please suggest me some slides related….and my goal is software eng..

  • priyadharshini

    hi, i am doing my PG ,i have to do presentation on accidents- road,rail,air and marine. but i don’t get any interesting thing to start with…can you help me with that please.

  • jyoti

    maa’m i m pursuing C.A and i have to give a presentation in national level competition my topic is “exam” three crucial hours of life so can u help me with the introduction part i mean i want to start in a very intresting way….pls reply

  • M.BLAL

    hei, this is M.BILAL GHAFFAR. I have to give presentation day after tomorrow about “THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY” so how can I introduce myself onto the stage in front of my classmates and respected teachers?

  • akhil

    i hve ppt 2maarw n i wnt 2 present it in d stage without any audience only judgeses e der……..so hw shuld i start it……..

  • Zarnain Arzoo

    hey mam..!!
    Zaranin here… m student of BSIT
    n i want to know how i start my any presentation..??
    its very awfull when i say my name….bla bla..!! bcz all r my classfellows n they know me….

  • James Reed

    Not to sound rude but if people looked up prior to posting you would notice Ellen’s examples of introducing yourself to co-workers, class mates and random people.
    I haven’t needed your help before because for some reason I have a natural talent for speaking in front of people but trying to explain this to a partner was a little hard. So I “Googled” and found this wonderful post.

    I was able to direct my partner on her quest to “WoW” her classmates at college, she wants to become a teaching assistant and had to do a presentation at college of her chosen category.

    Thank you again for your assistance Ellen and for keeping this post a live for many years,

  • James, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, I do get lots of comments asking for information that has already been answered many times, so I’ve stopped answering most posts. This topic is definitely a hot one, because it gets LOTS of traffic and comments. I’m glad you found the post helpful!

  • anisha bhandari

    Hi Ellen,

    I am the student of business management and I have to prepare a group power point presentation relate on perception.and we have taken the bank as a topic.we are going to make a presentation comparing the banks of two nation.as we have decided that I am in the introduction part and i have to speak for 5 minutes.its my first presentation that I am going to give. dont know how to start and continue my presentation for 5 minutes.please help me ! so that i will rock n get full marks

  • Anisha, write up a script and practice it. Use the information in this post and read the answers I’ve given everyone else and you’ll have plenty of ideas to do your best.

  • Donkoh Justice

    Hello… I am a Food & Nutrition student and I am supposed to do a presentation on “Cooking Terms”… I can’t find any good introduction, being it a short story or a joke… Please I need help…

  • Abhishek

    Mam, I’m a student of Business administration. I’ve to give a presentation on service strategy of a renowned service company of Bangladesh. As, the presentation requires 25% mark in my marketing course, so i’ve to give a very creative presentation. i want to start my intro part during my presentation which will be very attractive to my instructor and other students. So Mam, please suggest me about a attractive introduction part during presentation.

  • Lina

    Hi miss, this is me again lina.. I need help with the introduction. I made an introduction but my teacher said that it’s an awful introduction.. This is the intro that my teacher said it’s awful “do you know that there are 4 countries that made up the uk? In this presentation I’ll tell you more about this as well as other information about the uk..” how awful is it? Can you fix it for me? I’m going to talk about the scientists, flag history , tourists’s attractions and what it’s famous for.. the presentation is on Monday, so please reply this before Monday, I’m afraid of him, he gets furious easily especially when someone made a mistake, a tiny bit mistake..

  • sathya

    hai..i am planing to give ppt on self motivation.i am confused how to start the introduction.which is the better way can u please suggest me

  • umang shukla

    My name is umang my topic is introduction so I have no idea how present my topic pleas help

  • chintu rajput

    Hi.. I am 2nd year B.E. Student I have to give a presentation on Bending stress in beam so what would I say first to give a good ppt…

  • Soma

    hello , first i want to thank you for your subject , i am a physical therapy student and i am going to do a (rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery ) and it very important to me i will be selected upon this presentation to be one of the teaching staff in the Uni later , this is among our system , and it should be only 7 minuets … what do you advice me to do ?? specially it is Only 7 Mints

  • Soma

    i would be glad if answered me as soon as possible because My presentation is next Tuesday , Thank you in advance :)))

  • The principles that I discuss in this post don’t change for a short presentation, you just need to collapse everything. Look through my post and my answers to others, and you’ll find what you need.

  • Crizelle

    Im havving trouble explaining why is it important to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle and Im just in 5th grade. How should you start the introduction if you dont want to include your name on it?
    Im also having trouble of talking in front of many people any tips! Please

  • Raichel

    I am planning to give a presentation to my work colleagues on importance of policies and procedures in workplace and how we can write polices and procedures effectively.I am struggling to find a good introduction so I can catch the attention of audience.Can you help me with a good opening for my presentation.


  • HIBO

    Hi miss, i have a diary book of mine which i write it all may family and friend, on every person there is a paper for him/her to put a photograph and some note.i am the owner of the book, but still my paper is white.Although it is not big case but really it means to me a lot.p/z can you help me how i can introduce my in this case.

  • Gialyn Bueno

    Hi, I will have a powerpoint presentation coming up and can you give me tips in how to make my introduction longer. Thank You 🙂

  • I recommend making the introduction as short as possible. Get right down to the main content as soon as possible. Introductions are usually pretty boring!



  • somy

    I have to give an 8 min long presentation. How long should the introduction and conclusion be?
    Thank you…

  • Maybe 30 seconds each. Very short. A couple of sentences.

  • amit kumar bhatta

    i am preparing a power-point presentation on cross-cultural communication.give me some valuable tips.please.
    how to manage my presentation with my 5 group members

  • amit kumar bhatta

    my presentation is of 20-25 mins with my 5 group members

  • All 5 of you need to meet and decide on who says what. You’ll need to practice several times to make sure no one goes over his/her time. Also practice the transition–each one introducing the other with a statement like, “Now so-and-so will talk about such-and-such topic.”

  • Dinesha Lakmali

    I’m a final year student in my university and I have to do my research presentation. So, I want to know a better way to get the permission from a judge panel in my presentation.

  • Asutosh patro

    Hi..i am in b-tech 2nd yr. There is a task for introduction of yourself by ppt in lab.can you help me how will i start and what points sould i include in my introduction.

  • samir dc

    hi! it’s me samir dc.i want to say my a problem to u.can u guide me with reasonable examples? ho
    w can i start/ do to present on the stage ???

  • Lizard

    hi! im doing a research assignment on water pollution. my introduction has to be what my topic is and an outline of what my report is going to address about my topic. it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me get started. I don’t know how to start like should I do ” the topic I have chosen is water pollution”
    thank you.

  • A way you could state your topic AND make it interesting is by saying, “The topic I have chosen is water pollution because….” and then explain why it’s such an important topic, with a surprising or scary fact.

  • tanbir alam mahtab

    hi, this is tanbir student of BBA 1st year major in finance and banking . How can i start my prenentation on finance theory ? ? I exapected ur help.

  • Nick

    Hi ,
    I’m doing a presentation end of March and I’m just wondering whether you could give me a hints or tips please.Our presentation is regarding ‘ Something you would like to change or improve ‘in your area or department .
    end .

    many thanks in advance .

  • yuk

    I am in 6th sem, Botany hons. Can u please hlp me how to start n end my seminar presentation, esp how to introduce myslf?? i got the topic “Effect of metals(Zn and Cd) on jatropha seedlings” Pls hlp me…Thank You

  • Any of the suggestions in the post should help you.

  • jasmina

    iam a student of nutrition &dietetics. Iam going to give a presentation about stess problems in elderly. Can you help me how to start & what point should I include in my introduction?

  • As stated in the post, choose a surprising fact or ask a question to get the audience’s attention and interest.

  • Konika

    I’m a student of 10th grade.I have to give a presentation on transformer.How can I start and I have to also give an introduction.

  • Hira Ali

    Hi, Ellen… am student of commerce and am suppose to present my class in the coming week and my topic of presentation is “Advantages of social media for small businesses”… I want an effective start and an strong ending note. can u please help me out in this regard ?

  • smita paul

    my tropic is rain technology.i am a 3rd year cse btech student.i need your help for presenting my tropic in introduction and as well as finishing part.how can i start my tropic and how end it.please help me to overcome this situation to say what shall i say.

  • Harshitadua

    Hie I’m a fashion business student of foundation level .i have to give a presentation on steve madden . Can you please help me how to start ?

  • Just use one of the techniques listed in the blog post. Also see my replies to previous comments.

  • Binita Badal

    I am a student and i am going to go on stage for the first time i am giving an trial and only if i got selected i will be in other round and in that program i have to introduce myself our teacher said you can start with quote but i dont find any i will b greatful if you could help me please reply me my program is tommrow and i dont know what to say

  • Just use one of the other techniques listed in the blog post. Also see my replies to previous comments.

  • I’m no longer going to respond to comments on this post, because I think that the post itself provides the answer to all the questions. I keep repeating, “Just use one of the techniques listed in the blog post. Also see my replies to previous comments,” so there’s no need to say it again. Thanks for making this one of the most viewed posts on my website and good luck with your presentations!

  • Sikandar Ali

    Hi my name is sikandar ali Im a BSc student
    I am goingto give powerpoint presentation first time. Can you please help me.

  • Reynuga

    hi!i am in form 3 now and i will be doing a presentation about the book “Railway Children”. can you please tell me a good way to start? 🙂

  • venkatesh

    Good afternoon madam
    I’m giving ppt presentation on the topic ‘why’.it contains the concepts about reasons behind logos design,yoga,traditions etc.I want to know a good introduction and conclusion .

  • Pule

    Good day

    I have a presentation regarding my poor performance and how to improve it to my directors, now I need to know how to start my power point presentation.

    Please notify me via email.


  • hemakumar

    A very gd mng mam Tomorrow is my first presentation in my life so please tell me the important points to prepare a good presentation and one more thing is (I am poor in inglish language) Thank you

  • Budderdoodles

    I have to do a presentation about how i want to be remembered after school is done, what should i do to make a good intro?

  • Julie

    Hi um im in college and my teacher has the class making a powerpoint presentation on our majors and my major is computer science. Whats the best way to open up the introduction and end it?

  • Nosipho Macc

    Hy 2day I hv a presentation of my journal articles n I dnt knw wat 2 say on my introduction please help me

  • Jackline

    am suppose to train data entry clerks please give me a good introduction part.

  • Jackline

    i am having data entry training; how should i introduce

  • Amit

    I m Amit Kumar. I’m preparing for interview for my next level, means for promotion.
    My boss ask me to make self intro PPT. I have no idea for this.
    What are those minimum things I should present in self intro.

  • Amit, all the ideas I have are in the blog post.

  • lwee

    Im a foundation student from laureate university. im going to give a presentation about ” when start a business, the environment factor is very important”….i wanna start with a interesting greeting and introduction..can u give me an example?

  • Eke O. Eke

    I have to do a presentation on establishment of digital library at national hospital. Please how do I start my introduction to draw my audience’s attention because they believe that having access to the internet like Google in the library is a digital library. Thanks

  • Well, why isn’t it? You could start, “You might think that having access to Google is all you need. Today I’m going to show you why you’re wrong.” Just a suggestion.

  • jahira

    Hi my name is jahira. I am an incoming high school senior and I will be presenting a power presentation to FAMU professors on muscadine grape berry development and would like to know how to engage them. I don’t have perfect grammatical structure when I’m writing or speaking to large groups of people. I feel as though I use correct grammar when talking to a teacher someone of great importance, like if I’m trying to get a job or am getting to know someone personally. could you please help me? I present in 2 weeks.

  • Ndeshi

    Hi, im a social work student doing my internship with farm workers. i need to present my proposal for group and community work that im going to do with them.
    i dont know how to approach this population as most of them are uneducated. how do i go about to catching their attention and for them to be interested in what im about to start doing?
    your assistance will be of great assistance. thank u in advance

  • You need to find out what their issues are, rather than telling them what you’ll do. I’d start by asking them what they need and start a discussion that way.

  • shristi

    i am a student of 10th standard . I am introducing a skit / drama on election campaign . Suggest me some heart touching lines .

  • vishal

    I have to give an introduction on Mexico peso crisis how should I start….

  • kumar devanshu

    Hi!i am a student of batchlor of computer application.i have to do a presentation on topic.i am preparing a power-point presentation on “internet”. now I need to know how to start my power point presentation. Can u please hlp me how to start n end my seminar presentation, esp how to introduce myslf??

  • ravi kumawat

    i am doing on management course at final year . then i want to different type and interesting presentation topic.. can you help me…

  • Elmarie

    Dear Ellen,

    I have to do a presentation (power point) on Kinaesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart) and have been thinking about various ways to make it a very intresting introduction…..however I am having trouble. Can you please help me?

  • Tamara

    I have a presentation on Monday on the muscular system and fibre type. I am struggling on how to do the introduction and the conclusion.
    please help.

  • fiona

    thanks for the help i hope it will help me.

  • Gaurav Sawant

    hello , I am an engineering student(final year). I have to give presentation on endoscopy can u suggest me or help me how i can start with introduction n make it lively rather than typical boring presentation.
    P.S i habe my presentation on 6 octomber 2015 so plz reply as early as possible. Thank u 🙂

  • quynh

    hello, i’m a first year student. I have to give presentation about the topic:” factors to be put into consideration when making packaging decisions” can you help me how i can start interestingly. thank you very much!

  • lisa

    hello..i’m a 9th grade student and i don’t know how to start while giving a speech on the topic “citizens right to good governence..can you help me…please…

  • burma

    Hello! Great tips! My question is, after they introduce you, do you directly go to the opening or do you first acknowledge the introduction and say hi to the audience?

  • shilpy

    I am 1st year student of business school . And i have to give presentatn on the topic terrorism .
    Please help me how to start. And how can i make it best.

  • Helen

    I need to the opening for a presentation, where we have a guest speaker but I need to I need to introduce my colleagues. How do I go about doing this?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Rumana Chowdhury

    hi i am rumana chowdhury from bangladesh. I am a BBA student and on the 17th december i am having my first presentation my topic is ” Food court and restaurant” and in my group i m doing the introduction can you please help me with the introduction speech how will i start it and it in a nice way so that i can impress people at the first place. Thank you 🙂

  • Hatem

    I am senior mechanical engineer and I am supposed to present something about safety for our employees in our head office.
    So, how can I introduce this kind of presentation?


  • Arpit

    I want to know that “How to introduce ourself in group presentation” and also need some starting tips on topic ‘UNEMPLOYMENT’. Thank you.

  • gunjan

    I am going to introduce my group in the play the bishops candlesticks. How can i make my intro energetic?

  • Rabiya

    Hey, I have a presentation of my dissertation on the topic rejection Sensitivity, Attachment Pattern and Socio-Emotional adjustment among adolescents living in orphanage and those living with their parents. So could you please suggest some introductory lines for an interesting seminar

  • Sydnie Rousch

    I am a 6 grader doing a presentation with my friend for STEM expo project. We don’t know how to introduce our selves. Every one knows us and we were looking for help.

  • Sharjil Malik

    Hi, I’m Sharjil Malik Student of software. And a topic is assigned to me “Should Elders over 65 be allowed to drive”. I am just confused that how i introduced myself because it is ma first presentation.
    How can i make my Intro Energetic and Attractive?

  • Hi I’m making a presentation on red pandas how should I start it?…

  • ajaya dallakoti

    I am 11 standard student and I have to give presentation about operating system.
    Please help how to start speech and be excellent one.

  • Meena

    Hey.. i have a presentation on topic ORIGAMI and m not understanding how to start with it.so can u help me how should i start my presentation?

  • christi

    Hello! I appreciate your effort madam for helping others. Thanks for the idea you’ve share. God bless!

  • Iman

    I am doing a presentation about Syrian children refugees. Please if you can help, how should I start it?

  • hello mam,i am the student of M.SC final .your suggestion are very effective ,I am very happy to see your experience, the ways to solve the problems.
    please suggests me how to represent the topic “DETERMINATION OF IRON IN ORES.From what i can start ..?

  • haya mass

    hello Ms.Ellen
    i am doing a presentation about professional skill
    haw can i introduce the topic?
    haw can i have a perfect Conclusion ?

  • omotoshur

    hi!am abt to defend my siwes.How to compose the intro.Pls do help me out.Thanks.

  • Abhishek

    hello, mam i am abhishek, b.tech 3rd year student can u tell me how i give the best way to present my seminar on the topic Google ARA…

    give me some best suitable starting line for representing myself and my seminar topic on Google ARA

  • hi , I am going to present about prisons and I don’t know how to start can you please help me

  • swapnil bandekar

    Hiii mam i am a applied art student .we are one group who ll make a mural paintings in school , home, hotels , etc. We want to introduce our group with our creative work . So how can we do this to impress our clients. Plz give me the right way for this

  • Mia

    Hi, I am starting this new group project at school about “Ethnic Enclaves.” My first assignment was to find a catchy and interesting way to introduce our topic, Chinatown, through a Prezi presentation, but I am currently stuck. Could you please help me?

  • Akshay Kochhar

    Hi. I have to make a presentation showing the comparison between indian and united kingdom hospitality and tourism industry. How can i make the introduction intresting?
    please help.

  • uttej

    I want give a presentation in agriculture and what should I do to make it a interesting. Presentation

  • Angry Citizen

    Why are all of you people asking Ellen Finkelstein to do your homework for you?
    How about you just read the article and write out your own d— introduction.

  • Razellene Palmes

    hi. will you please reply.
    i had a problem one of my member in the debate doesn’t want to debate anymore in a a second time because of the topic that is too hard and she has nothing to say about it. during our first debate she want to debate because she is too confident to deal with it. but what happens now is in the second time around she don’t want to be in the position/debate anymore. what should I do?

    will you please help me about our debate?

    motion will be: do not sue the parents who smoke in front of their children. what can you say about it? i’m the leader of opposition. i nedd your help. thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Ayesha

    I am a B.Tech student and my topic is challenger disaster.How can I start it?

  • Keira

    I need to do a powerpoint on power and conquest in our world or in reality. How would I come up with a question to begin this introduction and to get my audience attention?

  • Shashank

    Great article and commentary Ellen. Thanks a bunch!

  • Res

    That might be different but how to make a presentation about my research in three minutes .. This is a competition.. The presentation should be catchy too . My topic is very technical and I find it difficult to attract general audience to the topic ..any advice?

  • Since I don’t know what your research is about, I can’t be specific. Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Think about what’s important and the conclusions, rather than the process. Good luck!

  • marie

    HI Ellen,

    I’m doing a presentation for a report, amazon as the topic, but the discussion should run the facts about Freetime ulimited subscription.

  • Ameneh

    I’m doing an introduction to a new institute of foreign languages, i need the audience accept our institute will be helpful for all their students! How can i start my presentation?

  • Kainat

    Hello..my kainat is kainat N I m in class 7th I have a topic save environment save humanity….So I have 5 members in my team N I m D Group leader..My 5 team members names r as follows Rehab manaal Nasima jesna N rizwah…so plz can U say how to introduce …plz in the comments below…plzzz

  • Kimsor

    Hello Ellen Finkelstein. Could you please tell me the way how to attract the listener to listen me carefully?

  • Hello Ms. Ellen, I have to do A senior Portfolio based on the elements of Self-Disciplined, Life-long learner, Global Citizen, Self-Motivated, and Articulate, but I am not sure How, to add personal accounts into each, plus make sure it is all worth at least 15 minutes.

  • deepa

    Hello Ellen,

    I am currently doing a Bsc in Banking and International Finance and I have a group class presentation of this title” The End of a Company through Liquidation” but am blank since i will be doing the opening, i do not know how to start introducing on the above title.
    Please help me?
    Thank u.

  • Shokhrukh

    We are going to present a group presentation and I am a leader could you please advice me how to start and to finish

  • giorgis

    Hi i am 3rd year student in rural development department.there for i have the adeffence on my research.so help me how can i begun my first presentation in the class.

  • Prasam Modi

    Hello Ellen,

    I have recently joined an organisation which deals in selling of the photographs.Being a sales person i need to present my company and its services along with a small presentation. Would request you if you can brief me some points to start the presentation.

  • Prasam, it depends on the situation. Do you set up the appointment in advance with a phone call during which you explain a bit about your company? If so, I’d be careful not to start the presentation with boring details about your company — instead go straight to the products and its benefits. At the end, you can use that content as reassurance that they’re buying from an experienced, reputable company.

  • Belinda Lyons

    Hi I am a student at a particular college. I am doing a presentation on communication to a group of people who do not know me, how do i introduce myself and make them interested in my presentation.

  • mamoonah

    hi I am a teacher and I have to give a presentation to a group of people including r.d and other hi profile persons.few of them know me very well but few don’t know .topic of presentation is about overview of school results ,achievements,weaknesses …
    pl tell me how I introduce my self in a different way.

  • sasi vulluri

    hello ellen,
    i m a graduating civil engineering student and i taking internship on solar power plants regarding the requirement of civil works and i have to present a ppt on it how to give a good start could u help out.

  • Lepakshi

    I’m grade 9 and as the case of Ethen , my classmates know about me very well . i must give a speech on “the role of youth in realising the dreams of DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM ” . Could you please help me out to grab my friends attention ? Awaiting for your reply…

  • sushmita

    Im sushmita …n hv to address a gathering tomorrow ..ofcourse its a formal one…but thought of tansmuting itvto a unique one…can u help me with a beginning…please…

  • olubukola

    hi,am olubukola frm agric dept I ask to introduce a topic dis 1st term I don’t knw hw to dis pls help me

  • Irzah

    I am doin a job in which I am given a job to make a speech on introduction to the scrabble game which would be given to a scrabble team leader to revise and then say in the tournament!
    Not only introduction but a type of speech and it will also come on media n Internet n TV so it should be specific so please help me make a speech plz!



  • salamu alakum.
    my names hamse and I learn iou the last I research some one can help me finally I get for you .if you help me just I said for you jasakallahu khaira.I went to help me. this year I finished the university the manager told for me you are the present for the garduation,and many people come the garduation maybe the president came,and it is my first time that I stand infront of people,tell me what I can do first,second and third.to present confidecly.

  • Boikanyo Masombuka

    I’m looking for introduction of speech the topic is south Africa ready for woman president

  • Aurna Bhuiya

    Hi I’m Aurna Bhuiya. I’m a B.B.A. student. My power point presentation is about “why insurence is not successful in Bangladesh ”. So in this topic how i present myself and how prepare my power point slide? Please help me..

  • Renuka

    Hi,Good morning I am Renuka completed B.com. My question is how to start introduce myself and team? please help me quickly.

  • ngan

    hello . i just doing about doping in sport should be ban for life but im not sure how i can start it, can you help me how to start with interesting things?

  • Maria

    hello. I got a presentation about emotions and i need an interesting way to introduce and get my friends attention. How do i do so ? 🙁

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