Congratulations to the winners of the iconic art contest!

At the end of my recent blog post, “Create clear, iconic illustrations in PowerPoint with (gasp!) clip art,” I announced a contest to create iconic line art based on WMF files and I can now announce the winners! (I know I said I’d pick 3 winners, but I picked 5.) Each winner took a different approach, but all were good!

Winner #1: Maria Zappa-Kasapidi (from Greece)


Winner #2: Charmain Mayeda


Winner #3: Lisa Cummings


Winner #4: Patrick Gault


Winner #5: Claes Johan Alexandersson (from Sweden)


Winners all won free admission to the Outstanding Presentations Workshop.


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4 comments to Congratulations to the winners of the iconic art contest!

  • Lisa Cummings

    Thanks for posting these Ellen. Of course, it’s fun to be among the winners. I learned a lot just by looking at the different approaches to modifying off-the-shelf clip art.

    Awesome! Whether it’s stripped down or a story told in a new context, there’s so much efficiency to be gained by starting with something already available in Microsoft’s gallery.

    Thanks for doing these contests. And the workshop. Fabulous!!

  • Lisa, thanks for submitting your slides. I love to see the creativity flow!

  • In the UK we now avoid clip art like the plague! It is viewed as very 60s and transparent photo realistic objects are the norm. Congrats to the winners but just reporting on the state-of-play

  • Simon, did you read the original post, the one that announced the contest? I think you’ll see that WMF files can be quite modern. It’s just that most aren’t, which is why you need to choose wisely and modify them. Icons are very “in” these days.

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