Create a table in PowerPoint

Here’s a simple video tutorial, showing you how to create a table in PowerPoint 2010. It’s 3-1/2 minutes. You might want to click the Fullscreen button at the lower-right corner of the video player.

In the video, I forgot to mention that you can add or delete rows and columns on the Table Tools Layout tab.

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6 comments to Create a table in PowerPoint

  • Jennifer Boettcher

    Rather than eyeballing the width of the three columns with annual numbers, you could have done one of two things to make them even. The easiest is:
    1. highlight the three columns
    2. Under table tools “Layout” tab, click on “Distribute Columns”

    Or, you can also manually adjust each column width in the Layout tab as well so they all have the same width.

  • Ronell

    Quick and clean. Also, the Layout tab allows the even distribution of any number of the columns (and rows) using the Cell Size box, in the Layout tab. Select which columns/rows to evenly distribute. Some resizing of the table may be necessary after adjustment of the column width or row height.

    Thanks for your newsletter and tips. I really enjoyed the weekly all star presentations this fall. Just wished I had attempted to review them before they were removed from your Web site.

  • Jennifer and Ronell,
    Thanks for sharing some more details of the table settings.

  • your video “Create a table in PowerPoint” is a blank black screen with sound only

  • Dave Mills

    I find paste as a link to be a good feature with tables in PowerPoint so your presentation is always updated when the source data changes. You always get a warning message when there is a change so you don’t get a nasty surprise.
    Thanks for the great tips Ellen.

  • I see the video. You might want to try a different browser, although it should work in most browsers. Also, give it time; I sometimes see black for a few seconds, but then the visual comes in.

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