Create training courses with screenshots within PowerPoint

Screenshots are a staple of training courses, especially computer-related ones. So trainers are accustomed to using screenshot software to illustrate tutorials.

Often, these screenshots end up in PowerPoint, which is used as the basis for an online course or self-running presentations. In PowerPoint 2010 and later, you can create these screenshots within PowerPoint.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Create the slide that will contain the screenshot.powerpoint-tips-take-a-screenshot-1
  2. Make sure that the screen that you want to show is displayed. It can be a browser tab or an application screen — anything you want.
  3. Back in PowerPoint, choose the Insert tab and in the Images group, click Screenshot.
  4. You see thumbnail images of the available screens, as shown on the right. Click one of them.
  5. Move and/or crop the image.

Here you see an example based on a course I teach. (You can see the sale page here.)

Have you tried using PowerPoint’s screenshot feature? I also use Techsmith’s SnagIt because of the editing options it provides. How do you create screenshots for training purposes? Leave a comment!

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8 comments to Create training courses with screenshots within PowerPoint

  • Hi Ellen, Great post as usual. One of the things I think would be good to include into the tutorials could be some screen casts. These can be very handy when for example there is a complicated part of a tutorial to show.

  • Lisa Van Gemert

    How had I missed this? Great, simple idea.

  • Looks like 2010 has simplified the process; thanks for sharing, Ellen!

    Those of us using PPT 2007 can take a screenshot of the desired screen using the “PrtSrn” key, click on an object holder on the slide, and Ctrl V to paste it in. It is important to select the object holder first, though, or you get a screenshot larger than the slide. From here, you can crop/resize and highlight the screenshot as you like. Not as elegant as 2010, but quite serviceable.

  • I am using SnagIt for screenshots by I finf this PPT feature mosly helpful

  • Val

    Nice! I didn’t know this simple shortcut, thanks!

  • Val

    Thanks for the great tip! I didn’t know this existed!

  • Cindy

    Thank you for this tip. This should save some time.

  • mukhtar

    How does it work with PowerPoint: MAC 2011?

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