Free PowerPoint alternatives–Google Docs

Google Docs is probably the most commonly-used free PowerPoint alternative. For sharing word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents, Google Docs has become the standard and the features are good enough that you can even create the document online. Sharing is very easy, so when you need to collaborate with someone in another location, Google Docs is an easy choice.

Here are the steps for getting started.

Step 1: Go to Google Doc/Gmail

Go to Google docs and Sign in your Google Account or create a new account.

Google Docs

Alternatively, Log into to your Gmail account and click the Documents link at the  upper-left.

Gmail Documents

Step 2: Create a new presentation

After you log into Google docs, choose Presentation in the Create New drop-down list on the left.

Create a New Presentation

Step 3 : Work on your presentation

A title slide appears. Click to add text. To create a new slide, choose Slide> New Slide from the menu or press Ctrl+M. You have a choice of 5 layouts. Editing is pretty intuitive using the menu and toolbar and you’ll find a lot of familiar tools. If you type a title on the first slide, your presentation title changes to match, or you can click “Untitled Presentation” to change the title.  To share the presentation, click  “Private to only me” and use the dialog box that opens to add people. You can choose a theme or format the background by choosing Format tab> Presentation Settings.


Step 4: Show your presentation or download

When you’re done, click Start Presentation at the upper-right corner to go into a full-screen mode. You can download the presentation in PowerPoint format (.ppt), PDF format, and others.  From within the presentation, choose File> Download As> PowerPoint.

Thanks to Pan Yue (Mimi) for doing the research and writing the first draft of this post.

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