High-Persuasion Presentation Program

Do you need to create persuasive presentations, webinars, or videos?

No doubt you’ve attended presentations or webinars where the presenter read the text from slide after slide — and you started checking your email. Was it persuasive? No, IT WAS BORING! But this happens all the time.

What would your life be like if:

  • You could get 10%, 20% or even 50% of the people in your audiences to pull out their credit card and buy from you?
  • Your audience actually paid attention to you and then implemented your training or proposals?
  • People immediately understood what you were trying to say and agreed with you?

You can be persuasive!

Discover simple techniques based on solid research that everyone can learn!

See great before-and-after examples that you can use as models. You’ll hear how one marketer used these techniques to increase his conversion rate from 50% to 70%.


  • Find out how to organize your presentations to be most convincing
  • Discover which images work best and where to find them
  • See how to get rid of those boring bullets and design compelling slides, even if you're artistically challenged--including the 4 layouts that always look good
  • Get cool animation techniques and technology tips that will make the process easy!

What you'll get from this program

The benefits of this program will impact every presentation, webinar, or video that you ever give or create:

  • Engage and persuade your audience: You’ll be able to create powerful presentations for live events, webinars, or marketing videos
  • Reach more people. You'll be able to sell more and help more people
  • Look professional: You’ll know where to find the most powerful images, how to format them, and when to use them
  • Save time: You'll discover easy setup and background techniques that enhance persuasiveness and save you time
  • Impress and amaze your viewers: You'll use animation to enchant your audience without annoying them
  • Be more self-confident: You'll have a system for turning out persuasive presentations that work

"As an independent Financial Advisor, my business depends upon presenting financial concepts quickly, clearly and with visual power. Ellen worked with me to create a presentation that is unified, beautiful and incorporates people, symbols, charts and numbers (and some humor) in a way that is strikingly effective and pleasing to watch. Using this presentation increased my conversion from an average of 50% to 70%! IF you want the best, work with Ellen." -Rick Miller, Financial Advisor

"Ellen's tips on how to give an effective sales presentation incorporating PowerPoint was very lucid and valuable for our women professionals' monthly meeting. Ellen has clearly thought through the mechanics of selling and buying and offered practical advice which I know our members will be incorporating in their presentations." - Helen Foster-Grimmett, Founder and VP, Enlightened Communications Int'l.

  • Intro: High-Persuasion Secrets

  • Session 1: Techniques of Persuasion

  • Session 2: Creating Persuasive Images

  • Session 3: Text and Slide Setup Secrets

  • Session 4: Amazing Animation + Technology Tips

  • Bonus 1: E-book "Slide Design for Non-Designers"

  • Bonus 2: E-book "The Lost Art of Persuasion"

  • Bonuses 3-7: Planners, Forms & a PowerPoint Cheat Sheet


I absolutely guarantee that you will be happy with what you learn during this course. If you are not satisfied, let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your money. There is no risk to you when you sign up for the High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Program.


It worked!

"It worked! I just wanted to tell you that the techniques you shared in the Persuasion classes last month really worked wonders. Yesterday, I did a revised version of a training that I have done more than 70 times. I upgraded the slides using the techniques you taught. Although I presented the same statistics and information, the audience was visibly (and audibly) more attentive when I paired the stats with persuasive photos. Thank you again." — Kathy Loch Klein, Corporate Training Coordinator

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The High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Program, plus 7 valuable bonuses!

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