Reapply the Slide Layout

powerpoint-tips-reset-slide-1Have you ever seen a presentation in which the text was jumping around from slide to slide? On each slide, the title and text were in a slightly different location. It made your eyes hurt, didn’t it?

Or maybe the presentation’s titles used several different fonts or font sizes. Looked chaotic, yes?

When you’re editing a presentation and trying to get the titles and text to fit, you sometimes move and resize the placeholders a little here and there. But the end result is that your titles and text jump around from slide to slide in a disconcerting way.

Or, you may change fonts or font sizes, but you get a look that just doesn’t hang together.

How do you get your placeholders to all line up exactly again? How do you get all your text to have a single font and font size, just the way it is in the slide layout?

The solution is often to reset the slide. This reapplies the layout to the slide. Follow these steps:

  1. With the slide in Normal view, right-click just off the slide.
  2. Choose Reset Slide

Occasionally, this doesn’t work. In that case, create a new slide with the layout that you want and copy the content from the old slide to the new one.

Tip: You can select multiple slides in the left-hand pane (click one, press the Shift key, and press the last slide that you want to select).  In that left-hand pane, right-click one of the slides and choose Reset Slide.

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