Resizing Your Presentation

Often, resizing your presentation presents no problem. Choose Design tab> Page Setup and choose the new size in the dialog box. But sometimes your graphics get distorted and misplaced. Here’s how to solve the problem.

  1. If you’ve already changed the page size, change the size back to its original setting.
  2. Choose File > Save As and make a copy of the presentation.
  3. In the copy, return to the Page Setup dialog box and change the page size as desired.
  4. Re-open the original presentation.
  5. Choose Window > Arrange All.
  6. Find a slide in the new presentation containing a distorted graphic and find the matching slide in the original presentation.
  7. In the original presentation, copy the graphic to the Clipboard.
  8. Click in the new presentation and delete the distorted graphic.
  9. Paste the graphic from the Clipboard.

Repeat steps 6-9 for all the distorted graphics. (Thanks to Steve Rindsberg for this tip.)

PowerPoint 2013 has a special feature that lets you resize a presentation and choose how you want the graphics to convert. Choose Slide Size on the Design tab.

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