Using PowerPoint for Best Educational Outcomes

Teachers use PowerPoint a lot! But how many use it well? How many of you have been students in a class during which the professor bored you with slide after slide of text?

What type of presentations do the students of these teachers create when they go out into the world and get a job? Faculty are starting to change, but there’s still a lot of Death by PowerPoint in the educational arena.

Watch excerpts from my talk to faculty (of Maharishi University of Management) on “Using PowerPoint for Best Educational Outcomes.”

Click here to get the handout I created for the talk. It contains my slides, notes, and a list of academic research relevant to presenting to students.

If you’re a teacher, what is your experience presenting to students? What are other teachers in your school doing?

If you’re a student (or were one recently), did you learn valuable presentation skills at school? Or was Death by PowerPoint the norm?

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