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Repeat an AutoCAD command automatically

You probably know that after you execute an AutoCAD command, you can press Enter to repeat it.

But it might be quicker to set a command to repeat automatically, if you know in advance that you’ll use it a number of times in a row.

Some commands repeat automatically. In a sense, the LINE command does this, prompting you automatically for a new segment. and the COPY command prompts you to create additional copies. For more information, see my tip, “Changing the Multiple options of AutoCAD commands (or sometimes you feel like a multiple option, sometimes you don’t).”

Brian Glover wrote a tip about another way to repeat commands–typing multiple (and a space) before typing a drawing command.

Did you know that you can force a command to repeat itself after you finish using it? Sure there are some commands already that have multiple functions. The LINE command is a good example. Start the command, pick your first point, the next point and the next until you are done entering points and press the escape key to end the command. To draw more lines, you have to start the command again.

Unless you entered the MULTIPLE command in before you start the LINE command. Now you draw your first line, but when you press the Escape key, the LINE command starts again and you are prompted for the first point of the line. When you are completely finished drawing lines, press the Escape key a second time to end the MULTIPLE command.

This command works with all drawing commands (Arcs, Circles, Ellipses, Lines, Rectangle, etc.), Text commands, Match Properties, and even the COPY command. Please note, that it does work with the Dimension commands, but unless you are entering multiple, separate dimensions, it is better to use the DIMENSION CONTINUE command.

Remember, after using MULTIPLE before a command, when you want to stop repeating, press the Escape key. So, go ahead and make lots of arcs or rectangles. You’ll be able to do it a little faster now.

1 comment to Repeat an AutoCAD command automatically

  • Ben

    Doesn’t work for line, in the event that you want to start a line for a new place, meaning, not the end of the previous line !

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