Are you frustrated with PowerPoint?

101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know
By Ellen Finkelstein

101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should KnowCreate quick, professional presentations without struggling!

If you never took a course or read a book, it can be frustrating getting the results you want without spending way more time than you have. But you can learn how professionals create better presentations with PowerPoint in less time.

Most people are expected to create presentations with no training

101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know is a unique, indispensable e-book containing essential tips, designed to give you the knowledge you need to:

  • Create presentations more easily
  • Finish your work faster
  • Get better results (make the sale, get approval for the proposal, train successfully, etc.)

Covers PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010.

Easy to understand, with 100+ pages, fully illustrated in color! Bonus chapters on PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts, image tips, and design tips. PDF format.

on Creating a Timer in PowerPoint, including the PowerPoint file!

When you purchase, you immediately get a download link. You can have this book in a few minutes and start using it right away. You won't find anything like it in bookstores—in ease of understanding, information focused on what you need, or price.

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Get your PowerPoint slides done with less frustration!101 Tips-back cover

Learn the techniques that expert PowerPoint users know to get your presentations done faster, easier, and better. Stop struggling with the software and take charge. No other book provides so much essential knowledge in so little space.

If you never took a course or read a manual, this book will quickly fill in the gaps so you can complete your work in less time. You’ll get superior results, too. You may even become the PowerPoint guru in your office!

10 chapters show you how to:

  1. Quickly navigate through your presentation
  2. Get perfect-looking text every time
  3. Lay out slides like a pro
  4. Create stunning AutoShapes
  5. Use images for maximum impact
  6. Design powerful charts/graphs
  7. Use multimedia with confidence
  8. Organize content for greatest comprehension
  9. Customize PowerPoint for speed
  10. Deliver your presentation with expertise

Read a sample tip

92. Create a slide list
A slide list is very useful for navigating when you deliver your presentation, especially if you may be jumping around. Display the Outline tab of the Outline pane. Press Alt+Shift+1 to collapse the entire outline to just slide titles. This shortcut toggles between collapsing and expanding the outline. (In PowerPoint 2007, right-click in the Outline pane, and choose Collapse> Collapse All.) Choose File> Print. (In PowerPoint 2007, choose Office Button> Print.) From the Print What drop-down list, choose Outline View. Click OK.

Find out what readers have to say about 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know

"I teach an MBA course Business Presentations. I also develop and conduct business skills seminars. I learned how to use PowerPoint the hard way; self taught. Your book, 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know, taught me many "little" things I did not know. I keep it close by as a handy reference." -Keith Braden

"I wanted to tell you that I learned so much from your "101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know" e-book. My favorites tips were #47-Use blank Action Button, #52-Recolor WMF graphics, #59-Animate charts, #75,82-On Using Hyperlinks, and #78-Have Previous Slide button when text animation.  In addition, your bonus chapter 'A' on Keyboard shortcuts was invaluable. Thank you for showing me how to use the "Power" in PowerPoint." -Dave Lewinski

"I really enjoy the "to the point" instructions. Ellen has made it very easy to read and I learn something new everyday. Highly recommended to PowerPoint users." - Macy Kwok

“I've used PowerPoint 15 years, yet even this old dog can learn new tricks. Well organized & clear!" - Fred Travis, PhD, Maharishi University of Management

“I love it! This will become a reference that stays on my desk for daily use.” - Rebecca Renner, Creative Minds, Inc.

"I have been doing PowerPoint for years. I liked the easy-to-read directions and the fact that they worked the first time. I like being able to just read it step-by-step and not have to guess where I missed a step and why it isn't working. It has helped me take a step up in creating presentations that are even more professional looking and make me look even better - as Billy Crystal as Caesar Romero says, "It doesn't matter how you feel, you look marvelous." - Regina Welch

"I have to build and give presentations on a regular basis and I would much rather spend my time pondering the philosophy, contents and flow of the presentation than looking for commands and shortcuts. Since I already own How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office PowerPoint (2003 and 2007), I knew your style and felt confident that I would enjoy the document, which I did.

  • I especially appreciate the layout, presenting useful hints and tips in short sections. One can immediately try them and see the results. Grouping related tips in chapters makes learning easier. One can also scan a given chapter and quickly find the information.
  • I also liked the Bonus sections, especially the one listing the keyboards shortcuts....
  • Since it is easy to read, I can peruse it regularly and keep the contents fresh in my memory."

- Yves Van Chestein

"I’ve used PowerPoint for years - thought I knew it all - but I learned new things in almost every tip. I’m sure you will, too. For example: • #6 Import text for an entire presentation or for several slides • #16 Align text around a decimal point • #22 Quickly replace one font with another • #67 Extract sound files from a narrated PowerPoint presentation • #90 Add flexibility to your handouts by sending to Word • #91 Protect your presentation." - Phyllis Khare, phyllisonthebeach blog

"I skimmed the book initially, and found several things i could put to immediate use.  I've been back to it several times since, and find it very helpful." - Bill Hanley

Get special bonus chapters to make your PowerPoint presentations even easier and better!

  • Super keyboard shortcuts to finish faster!
  • Tips for great images to make an impact!
  • Design best practices for professional results!

Also get a bonus video lesson on creating a PowerPoint timer!

With your purchase, you'll receive a narrated video lesson on creating a timer in PowerPoint, plus the PowerPoint file containing the timer! You'll learn how to create a timer to time coffee breaks, lunch breaks, short audience exercises, or whatever you need to time. This timer requires no programming code and is easy to set up. Moreover, it's so flexible, that you can create it for 10 seconds, 60 seconds, 15 minutes, 60 minutes, or whatever time you need!

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About the author
Ellen Finkelstein is a recognized expert on PowerPoint and presenting, a PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional, a Microsoft award) as well as the best-selling author of How to Do Everything with PowerPoint 2007 (and two earlier editions), PowerPoint for Teachers: Dynamic Presentations and Interactive Classroom Projects, and many other computer books. .

Published by Rainbow Resources Publishing, 2010 Coral Lane, Fairfield, IA 52556

To repeat, when you purchase, you immediately get a download link. You can have this book in a few minutes and start reading it right away.

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