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"I find your book the best of the three I have bought to learn PowerPoint."
        -Robert Maddin

This book was a HUGE help for me while learning PowerPoint 2007. It was remarkably clearly written and easy to follow. While I'm not a big fan of all the changes to the PowerPoint (and the Office suite generally), it's great to have a well-written guidebook for coping with the increased complexity!

-Jon Boutelle
CTO, SlideShare

"I read your book, How to Do Everything with PowerPoint 2002 and loved it. It really gave me the know-how to deliver an amazing sales presentation."
        -Christina Lang

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Compress large PowerPoint files with PPTminimizer!

FILEminimizer OfficeRecently, I received a 29 MB PowerPoint file, created in the Mac 2004 version of PowerPoint. When I opened the file in my PC 2003 version, I used the picture compression feature, which got it down to 10 MB. But that was still too big to e-mail easily. FILEminimizer got the size down to 5.96 MB, which was perfect!

What's more, the creator of the presentation was able to open the file on his Mac. This presentation is shared by many people, and everyone was able to open the file in PowerPoint, without FILEminimizer. A success story!

Do you sometimes need to share large PowerPoint files? FILEminimizer can help. It will do the following:

  • Ensure faster data transfer and more effective file storage
  • Make e-mailing presentations easy
  • Make sharing large presentations seamless.
    Remember, minimized files can be edited and delivered without prior decompression.
  • Reduce problems with laptops freezing or crashing, or slides that display s-l-o-w-l-y

The FILEminimizer Office compresses PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files by up to 98% without changing the file format. So when you send optimized files, the receiving party doesn't even need to have the program installed to edit and work with the compressed files!

The full price for FILEminimizer is only $49.95 for 1 license, but if you buy it here, you'll get 10% off! Your cost is only $44.96! (And decreases drastically if you buy in volume.) I promise you, if you work often with large PowerPoint files, you'll useFILEminimizer often! And it works for Word and Excel, too!

Remember, prices go down if you buy in bulk!

Not ready to take the plunge? There's a free trial that gives you 12 free optimizations. But to get the 10% discount, you need to come back here to buy, rather than purchase through the trial's interface. So bookmark this page first!

Download the free trial.

Want to see a demo? Watch how FILEminimizer works!

Watch the demo.






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