Teachers & trainers! Learn how to present for best learning results!

Training webinar: Presenting to Teach and Inform — PowerPoint for Education & Training
By Ellen Finkelstein

Based on my popular talk, "PowerPoint for Best Educational Outcomes"

Do you know how to:Training webinar: Presenting to Teach and Inform

  • Present so your students understand and remember
  • Avoid the common, deadly mistake that ensures that your students won't hear what you're saying
  • Avoid the ineffective way of putting images on a slide and use the effective way
  • Use animation in a way that's helpful, not harmful to learning
  • Apply simple principles for maximizing educational results

Here’s what you'll learn about:

  1. How to design slides for best comprehension
  2. Images: The good, the bad, and the ugly
  3. How to combine verbal and visual information
  4. Charts: An easy, step-by-step approach
  5. Why business presentations are different from educational ones
  6. How to encourage effective note taking
  7. Dealing with daydreaming
  8. Simple legibility principles
  9. Research that backs up the principles in this webinar

"Ellen's webinars are high-content packed training sessions for PowerPoint users. The content, ease of instruction, sequential demonstration, and support after the event are well beyond what you normally get in webcasts. I suggest you get in on these before she takes my advice and charges ten times what she asks for them now." - Phyllis Khare

"I realized after attending the first of your five webinars that I really would like to see all five." - Jennifer Nagel

“Thank you for the webinar today – I found it very informative and full of great ideas.” -Keri Stewart

Purchase the recording of this webinar and you'll also get:

  • The handout: My notes, including a list of research on presenting for best learning outcomes
  • The presentation file

"When Ms Finkelstein made her presentation at our Faculty Development Seminar, she was head and shoulders above the other presenters. Even though the others had useful things to say and had PhDs, their presentation and depth of communication could not match hers. She was well prepared and lively and right on target with very useful advice." -Anne Dow, Chair, Dept. of Mathematics

"Ellen Finkelstein used Power Point slides to enhance a presentation on the most effective use of PowerPoint slides in making academic presentations:  as such, she 'walked the talk,' beautifully illustrating her practical suggestions.  These included tips on how the speaker can retain maximum audience attention while using slides and how the slides can increase retention of the material presented.  She's a lively, confident speaker who freely shared her substantial experience." -Samuel Boothby, PhD

"Ellen Finkelstein presented to our faculty the latest, well-researched principles of teaching with Microsoft PowerPoint and other presentation software. Several faculty said it changed entirely their approach to using presentation software in the classroom." -Chris Jones, PhD, Chair, Department of Education, M.U.M.

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