Business Concept Diagrams

Communicate easily & quickly with this essential collection of
50 business concepts — all customizable!

Watch a 3-minute video to see how easy it is to use these diagrams!

These useful concept slides in 5 styles help you communicate powerfully!

50 business concepts clearly and attractively designed for you. All you have to do is choose the right one for your message and add a slide title! Full instructions included.

Icon-style images are very current now and these unique images will put this trend to work for you immediately!

"What a great way to make a point in a more visual way!"
— Kristin Arnold
"Can’t wait to include in an upcoming presentation."
— Lisa Goodman
"These can be very useful in my strategic thinking, strategic planning work."
Judy Whalen
"These are a great addition to my new skills."
— Luis Aponte

Everything you need:

  • 50 concept sets: See the list below, each containing 3 - 5 visual interpretations
  • 5 icon-type styles: black line, blue line, shadow, white on blue, color-filled—all customizable
  • 2 formats: PPTX standard and widescreen

Business Concept Diagrams (PPt)

The 50 valuable business concepts: