12 Steps to Become a Charismatic Speaker

Discover the qualities of a charismatic speaker and how to attain them

12-steps-to-become-a-charismatic-speakerRise to success as a speaker!

You've probably heard some famous speeches by charismatic speakers — Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy — and more. Did you wish you could speak like that?

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The qualities of a charismatic speaker are simple -- and even obvious. Read about each one and get steps to grow in these qualities.

  • Includes links to brief audios and videos to inspire you to get there!
  • Over 50 pages!


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"It is really helpful for a teacher like me who needs to deliver time and again.." -Yeshi

"Thank you so much for your great work. I am a radio Manager and a presenter. Your stuff has helped me a lot to communicate well on the radio." -Max

"This is clear and very useful advice." -Nick

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