Become an animation & video pro!

Training webinar: Animation and Video in PowerPoint—
Advanced Techniques

By Ellen Finkelstein

How you can deliver amazing presentations with advanced animation and video techniques!

  • Wow your audience without distracting themTraining webinar: Animation and Video in PowerPoint--Advanced Techniques
  • Keep people glued to their seats!
  • Become the PowerPoint guru at work
  • Develop a library of animations for easy re-use
  • Understand the deep mechanics of animation, so you can create your own animations
  • Use video for an immersive effect

Here's what I covered in this webinar:

  1. Create a looping introduction.
  2. Cascade animation with precise timing
  3. Use motion paths to teach a process
  4. Show a line drawing itself (for a map route, for example)
  5. Animate text letter-by-letter (typewriter text)
  6. Create pop-up explanations
  7. Create a video effect without video
  8. Embed a Flash movie
  9. Do amazing things with video
  10. Synchronize animation with music

Purchase the recording of this webinar and you'll also get:

  • The handout: My notes with step-by-step instructions
  • The presentation file, including its animation effects

“I liked the looping introduction (1). I have used hidden slides in looping announcements, but not in the way you suggest. It’s great to find out different ways of using something you already know. I also liked the video effect (7). This again is something I will find useful as I would quite often project a number of photos. I’m quite proficient in PowerPoint, but it’s great when you can use your skills in a new way. One of those moments when you say “I never thought to use … in THAT way.” Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.” –Rae Drysdale

""Ellen comes well prepared with useful information to help you become a more persuasive and powerful communicator. She condenses an enormous amount of information into the workshop, leaving you with ample tools and valuable resources." - Mark Petrick, Senior Projects Coordinator

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