Training webinar: Slide Design for Non-Designers
By Ellen Finkelstein

Based on my popular article, "5 Steps to Slide Design for Non-Designers"

After you listen to the recording of this webinar, you'll know:Training Webinar: Slide Design for Non-Designers

  • Secrets to making your presentations look customized for your audience
  • Shortcuts to a perfect template, every time
  • How to avoid the background trap
  • How to avoid Death by PowerPoint, for the artistically challenged
  • 4 slide layouts that always look good!

You'll learn how to:

  1. Create a custom color scheme
  2. Master the slide master
  3. Use backgrounds that don't distract or look like they were designed in the 1980s
  4. Apply professional layout techniques that non-professionals can use
  5. Easily create great images and charts
  6. Create presentations without bullets—what a thought!
  7. Add final touches that make your presentations look professionally designed

"Ellen's webinars are high-content packed training sessions for PowerPoint users. The content, ease of instruction, sequential demonstration, and support after the event are well beyond what you normally get in webcasts. I suggest you get in on these before she takes my advice and charges ten times what she asks for them now." - Phyllis Khare

"I realized after attending the first of your five webinars that I really would like to see all five." - Jennifer Nagel

"Personally I think the price is amazingly low for what’s included." - Barbara Dolan

Purchase this webinar recording and you'll also get:

  • The handout: My notes with step-by-step instructions
  • The presentation file

"Ellen comes well prepared with useful information to help you become a more persuasive and powerful communicator. She condenses an enormous amount of information into the workshop, leaving you with ample tools and valuable resources." - Mark Petrick, Senior Projects Coordinator

Only $34.50!